It is 10pm. Given their relationship, Greta would be the natural place to announce

But we know by know that it is not happening today.All day long the Palin supporters have been going absolutely nuts over this. They point out to the various inconsistent statements from Sarah Palin herself that would take a Palinologist to decipher.She said September would be the drop dead date.Now October.But wait, she didn’t say she would announce by the end of September. She said she would decide. She could decide, but not announce.Today, on twitter, if you follow my feed, you will see a variety of people who are so wrapped up in the Cult of Palin that they can not handle what we here at RedState have done today.We haven’t attacked. We’ve just pointed out Govenror Palin’s own statements from July and August that September would be her “drop dead date.” And the apoplectic response has been instructive into the very serious mental degeneration of Palin’s supporters as she has continued to string everyone along.But who knows. Maybe she’ll announce in this hour. If not, I’m going all the way to 4:00 a.m. because only then will it be midnight in Wasilla.



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