You Know What Would Be Awesome?

The problem the GOP has now is that because of where John Boehner led the House, the GOP looks increasingly unwilling to act in a bipartisan way or compromise. Most people are missing the fact that raising the debt ceiling is the compromise, but that is beside the point.Here’s what the House and Senate GOP should do — box the Democrats in.Hold a press conference and offer the Democrats a clean $2 trillion debt ceiling increase. Hell, make it a $4 trillion debt increase.Then tell them in exchange they must choose between (A) a complete and total repeal of Obamacare or (B) S. J. Res. 10, the Balanced Budget Amendment with the spending limitation and taxpayer protection components.The GOP has offered up 3 plans to none by Barack Obama.Here’s their final offer. Everything the Democrats want in exchange for either of two choices, with the Democrats picking their choice.That’d be pretty awesome.Oh, and both would be hugely popular with independent voters who want a BBA and who want Obamacare repealed even now.



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