The Final Fall Back Position

Talking to a number of folks on the hill today, I think their final fallback — last man on the barricades position — should be this:We’ll give the Democrats a clean debt ceiling increase in exchange for them sending the Lee-Cornyn-Hatch Balanced Budget Amendment to the states.Yeah, it may never happen. But a lot of people said they’d never vote for TARP until the market panic. You let the market panic on Monday anticipating Tuesday and watch those Democrats come on board. Of course, I really don’t think there will be a market panic and if the GOP makes it to August 3rd without going all wimpy again like Boehner just did, maybe they’ll re-find their testicular fortitude.But when push comes to shove and the GOP is at its final negotiating point, they should make the Democrats cave on something — S. J. Res 10, a Balanced Budget Amendment requiring a super majority to raise taxes and a clear prohibition on courts raising taxes.Then let the Democrats explain why it is bad policy for the federal government to do exactly as 49 states and 300 million Americans are forced to do.



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