Barack Obama's Secret Plan to Save America, Solve the Debt Crisis, and Fight the Freemasons

Apparently, according to White House Chief of Staff William Daley, Barack Obama has a secret plan to raise the debt ceiling. We’re not allowed to see it.From the transcript with Wolf Blitzer:


BLITZER: So what you’re saying is the president did present a plan to the speaker, John Boehner.DALEY: Yes.BLITZER: But – but he didn’t…DALEY: Right.BLITZER: – make it public.DALEY: No, because there’s… both the speaker and – and the president had agreed and – that these sort of negotiations do not happen in public.

Now, where have I seen that before?

Josh Lyman: Uh, long story short – you’re going to be reading a bit today about your secret plan to fight inflation.
President Josiah Bartlet: I have a secret plan to fight inflation?
Josh Lyman: No.
President Josiah Bartlet: Why am I going to be reading that I do?
Josh Lyman: It was suggested in the press room that you did.
President Josiah Bartlet: By who?
Josh Lyman: By me.
President Josiah Bartlet: You told the press I have a secret plan to fight inflation?
Josh Lyman: No, I did not. Let me be absolutely clear I did not do that. Except yes, I did that.
Bartlet: Are you telling me that not only did you invent a secret plan to fight inflation, but now you don’t support it?

I’m guessing we’ll see Barack Obama’s plan next summer in theaters. It’ll involve Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and Captain America with Samuel L. jackson as Barack Obama.


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