More Proof It Is A Trap

From Mike Allen’s Playbook in the Politico today comes this quote from a “top Democrat”:

“The press will obsess about [today’s House] vote [on the Boehner Two-Step], but at best it is an exercise in political machismo, at worst it is the beginning of the most irresponsible act in Congressional history. The House bill is dead on arrival in the Senate — at least 58 senators are on record saying they won’t support it. That’s worse than Ryan and cut, cap and balance. Once the vote is over, Speaker Boehner needs to begin immediately working on a way out of the mess Cantor created. If he doesn’t, we could be in big trouble. There are dozens of possible compromises — he just has to take one. Reid, McConnell and the White House have plenty of options. The question is: Will he choose compromise for the sake of the country, or political grandstanding for the sake of his caucus?”


But wait!!!

All the Republicans keep telling us that this is the best they can hope for. How is it the best they can hope for when it is going to get less votes in the House and Senate than either Paul Ryan‘s plan or Cut, Cap, and Balance.


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