Crossing a Line and Overreaching

UPDATED: Speaker Boehner has come out forcefully and denied that he is a part of or approves of redistricting Jim Jordan out of office.



Yesterday, House Republicans went to war against the conservative Republican Study Committee and its staffers who’ve been doing the Lord’s work against the Boehner plan.

Some of those attacks helped energize and militarize some of the conservative leaders who had not been fully engaged against Boehner’s plan. Consider this complete overreach by John Boehner and possibly the beginning of the end of his Speakership.

Allegedly, Boehner has explicitly blessed this plan. The plan is to redistrict RSC Chairman Jim Jordan, a fellow Ohioan, out of his congressional district as punishment for defying Boehner. If he hasn’t or doesn’t support it, Boehner needs to get out there damn quick today.

Redistricting may be a price Jordan will have to pay, but Boehner will have to pay a price as well. As one prominent outside conservative emailed, followed by several others in separate emails, “This is war.”


Mike Pence, Jeb Hensarling, and other former RSC Chairmen now have a time for their own choosing. Do they side with the Speaker, or with the conservatives they once led in the RSC who continue to fight for the limited government they have fought for in the past.

You might want to call Mike Pence in particular and see if he might reconsider and stand, instead, with the conservative band of brothers he himself led into battle against so many bad policies of the Bush Administration.

This would be a hell of a note to leave the House on.

His number is 202 225-3021.


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