Embracing the Bilderberger Conspiracy

Unbeknownst to any of us here, there seems to be a great concern from a few concern trolls on this site that we Bilderbergers are on the rise. It’s not like we’ve been hiding. We’ve got our own website for pete’s sake.As much as we here at RedState are desperate to raise capital to open a chain of Build-A-Burger restaurants where the food is so good it must be a conspiracy, the actual Bilderberg Group is nothing but another group of internationalist millionaires and politicos who get together each year and hash out big meta topics on world issues and, if you believe the hype, plot a one world order type government.In reality, the existence of the Bilderberg Group is just a distraction for many and allows people who see decline in their own life or in this country to project their angst onto a shadowy group about which these people know very little. That is the nature of most conspiracies of this type. The conspiracy is an imagined plot that allows the imagination to project one’s own misery onto others instead of taking responsibility for it themselves.That’s all well and good, except here at RedState. Any person lamenting the Bilderbergers and claiming so and so is no good because he is a member need not stick around and I’ve instructed the moderators to ban on sight.Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m still catching up from two weeks ago in Switzerland with the rest of the gang and have more important matters to deal with.



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