An Important Week for the 2012 GOP Field Begins Tonight at 7pm on CNN

The GOP’s New Hampshire Primary debate begins tonight at 8 p.m. ET. CNN is hosting the debate and you can watch it live there. Beginning at 6pm, I’ll be doing a special debate preview on WSB Radio. At 7 p.m. tonight, I’ll be on CNN participating with CNN’s preview of the debate. WSB Radio will run with the CNN audio at that time. At 8 p.m., we’ll all tune to CNN to watch the debate and here at RedState we’ll have a live chat window so you guys can participate. I’ll also be doing play by play coverage live on radio.From 10 p.m. to midnight, you’ll be able to tune to WSB Radio or listen online live at to my post-debate show. RedState readers will be able to call in toll free to comment on the debate. The number is 1-800-WSB-TALK. On Tuesday to Thursday, RedState is going to New Orleans for the Republican Leadership Conference. I’ll be broadcasting my show live from there and participating on CNN. I’ll also be speaking at the event on Thursday. Stay tuned to RedState for news from the event as many of the Presidential hopefuls will be speaking.On Friday, we’re headed to Minneapolis for Right Online where, again, many of the Presidential hopefuls will be speaking. I and the rest of the RedState team will be covering it all here as it happens, and I’ll also be on CNN and broadcasting my radio show from the events.This week could make or break a few candidates. It should be fun.



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