Morning Briefing for June 8, 2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For June 8, 2011

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1. Short Memories And Republican Successes

Back on March 15th, I wrote a post pointing out what happens when Republicans get milquetoast — their polling goes down.If you will go back to March 15th, there was a poll out that said the GOP hadn’t been compromising enough. In fact, the poll said that “71% say the GOP is not willing enough to compromise with Obama on the deficit.”I noted at the time that the GOP had been muddying the waters with Barack Obama and the Democrats. I said that “House Republicans have been muddying the water so much since November and painting their policy positions in pale pastels. The public voted in November with bright colors — mostly in red.”I also said, perhaps counterintuitively, that the GOP needed to stop being so compromising, even though the poll suggested otherwise, and start leading. “As long as the Republicans are being milquetoast on spending and the budget, the Democrats will see the polling benefits,” I wrote.In the debt ceiling fight, it appears I was right. As the GOP has held a firm and consistent line insisting on massive spending cuts and entitlement reform, their poll numbers have gone up — exactly opposite what the chattering class of compromising good government types insisted would happen.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. The Infamous, Updated, Romer-Bernstein Chart.

Via James Pethokoukis comes an updated version of the graph (originally created by Obama’s economic advisers Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein) that has been succinctly countering (for years) any and all attempts to argue that the misnamed ’stimulus’ worked.For those without access to the picture: it’s a modified version of this graph, which was used to sell the idea that with a stimulus, unemployment would not rise above 8%; and that without a stimulus, unemployment might rise all the way to… 9%!!!!!! That last sentence is what usually gets emphasized in these discussions, and for good reason (it was a nitwit prediction). But I’d [like] to note that according to the original chart we were forecast to be having about 6.5% or so unemployment at this point, with that number dropping rapidly.

3. Voter ID and Voter Contempt.

Wow! Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations. Democrats across America have risen en masse to fight Voter ID laws. Their talking points all read in a depressingly similar fashion. The quote-zombies vary in location, gender and complexion, but if you just read their words, they all look the same to me. The Democratic Party’s argument against Voter ID is based upon voter contempt.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Jim Tucker’s Fight to Keep Workers on the Government Dole in Louisiana

It appears that Louisiana Speaker of the House Jim Tucker has won at least a temporary victory in his battle to prevent Bobby Jindal from selling and privatizing three state prisons, a move which would have infused almost $100M in cash to the State’s strapped budget as well as saving the state almost $300M over the next 20 years (more on that fight here). The bill failed to pass out of committee today on a razor-thin 13-12 vote, which means the standalone bill is dead – it is at least possible that the sale can be added as an amendment to a bill on the House floor (to which it is germane), but its prospects there look doubtful with Tucker leading the charge.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. The Pretense of Obama’s ‘Other’ Labor Board’s Investigation of Delta

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Within the next several months (perhaps sooner), the odds are President Obama’s National Mediation Board will find that Delta Air committed unforgivable sins during multiple union election campaigns last fall, causing the unions to lose the elections. As a result, employees at Delta will be subjected to more union elections until they—in the minds of union bosses—vote the right way (to unionize). It doesn’t matter what the facts are—Delta’s conduct could have been as pure as virgin snow—the NMB will rule that (at least several) of the elections must be rerun.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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