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1. The Gang of Six Becomes Five. Coburn Bolts. Chambliss Stays.

The “Gang of Six”, which is the group in the Senate trying to come up with bipartisan tax increases and tax restructuring to implement the Deficit Commission’s plans, is collapsing. Late yesterday, Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn bolted from the group because the Democrats are unwilling to deal with restructuring entitlements in their quest to raise taxes.

Two Republicans remain, Mike Crapo of Idaho and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia. The Washington Post reports Chambliss is now leading the GOP down a path toward supporting tax increases without serious entitlement reform.

Chambliss, his friends say, doesn’t care about the political cost. He’s decided the voters are too stupid to know what to do, but he does know what to do. And doggoneit, Saxby is going to do what Saxby wants to do with his good friend and drinking buddy, Democrat Mark Warner.

Together, their bipartisan plan will raise Americans taxes massively over the next few years and do nothing to solve the very real crisis of social security and medicare. At best, they’ll put a bandaid on the entitlement crisis.

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2. Lee Fang and Center For American Progress Use Foreign Money to Influence American Elections

Remember in 2010, Barack Obama, the Center for American Progress (”CAP”), and little Lee Fang over at CAP, were in high dudgeons about the United States Chamber of Commerce and “foreign money.” The irony here is that Lee Fang and CAP are largely funded by a convicted criminal named George Soros whose conviction for insider traded was upheld way back in 2006 in France. But that’s another story.

It was the big talking point when the left ran out of all their other talking points. Never mind that the Chamber of Commerce could definitively show that no foreign dollars were going to influence American elections. Little Lee Fang sank his fangs into the story, ignored the facts, and fluffed up controversy where there wasn’t any on the Center for American Progress’s web site. Lefties seized on every salacious distortion and omitted fact.

Turns out that it was not the United States Chamber of Commerce using foreign money to influence American elections. It was and is the Center for American Progress using foreign money to influence elections. Little Lee Fang is kind of sort of paid with foreign dollars.

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3. The Senate Republicans Get Ready to Suck on Energy

This is really pitiful. The Senate will most likely vote on Senator Menendez’s legislation today to punish the American people, drive up the cost of gasoline, and do so in the name of sticking it to oil companies.

Tomorrow, Senator McConnell is going to offer a Republican alternative that doesn’t suck as bad, but will still punish consumers, oil drillers, and the free market. The legislation is S. 953 Offshore Production and Safety Act of 2011.

This is another example of the Senate GOP deciding its legislative strategy is to be “Democrat-lite” to win the hearts and minds of the New York Times editorial page.

Under Mitch McConnell’s proposal, the government would add yet another hurdle to obtain a drilling permit beyond the burdensome regulatory hurdles already put in place by the Obama Administration. In fact, this particularly onerous part of the legislation comes from Diane Feinstein and Scott Brown.

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4. Jon Huntsman for Mike Bloomberg’s Vice President!

Around election time, conservatives are always confronted with the arduous task of sifting through candidates who propagate meretricious right wing talking points in an effort to conceal their faux conservative record. Thankfully, this election cycle, to a certain extent, has given rise to an anomalous level of veracity. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are unambiguously communicating to conservatives that they are not ‘one of the guys’. There is simply no mystery how they would govern or negotiate with Democrats if elected President in 2012. Thanks for the candor, guys.

Former Utah Governor and Obama-embracing, yet, backstabbing Ambassador Jon Huntsman is taking this approach to a new level-a level of candor that can only mean that he is seeking the VP nomination for a Mike Bloomberg ticket.

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5. Salon’s Joan Walsh: Predictable and Racist Buffoon

Joan Walsh is nothing if not predictable and super tiring. Oh yeah, and totally racist. Her true racist colors showed once again in her latest article at Salon. The article was meant to attack Newt Gingrich for a statement he made at the Georgia Republican Convention and defended – rightly – afterward on Meet The Press, which further goes to show what an absolute oaf Walsh is. There are plenty of valid and honest reasons to question statements made by Newt. As Big Journalism points out, this is not one of them.

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