Morning Briefing for March 24, 2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For March 24, 2011

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1. It’s a Kinetic Cluster SNAFU Is What It Is

Good morning friends. We are apparently not at war in Libya. No, it is no war. Despite shots being fired, Marines being sent, and tomahawks launched, it is not a war. It’s not even a battle. Nor is it a fight.According to the Barack Obama Administration, it is a ‘kinetic military action’, which best I can figure is some sort of cure for some sort of bad rash, or something like that and it may or may not involved a Microsoft Xbox attachment. Given the mission is named Odyssey Dawn, which sounds like a Las Vegas Stripper, a ‘kinetic military action’ could also be some sort of shot across the bow of rare venereal diseases too.But it is definitely, positively, absolutely not a war. If it were a war, Barack Obama would have to get pre-authorization from Congress or Joe Biden would support his impeachment.Friends, this is a kinetic cluster SNAFU is what it is. Our intelligence community says Al Qaeda is not helping the rebels, just as they said Iran was not going to pursue a nuclear weapons program any time soon and missed out on the whole U.S.S. Cole and Embassy bombing thing — not to mention September 11, 2001.As our intelligence community was issuing proclamations that Al Qaeda is not involved, Al Qaeda itself is sending videotaped love missives to the rebels telling them to keep up the fight against Khaddafi or however the hell you spell the man’s name. Allegedly, Al Qaeda also said Odyssey Dawn is the name of one of the 77 virgins waiting for the rebels.Oh, and if it couldn’t get any better, the Libyan rebels have taken to chopping up “black Africans” into little pieces or putting bullets in their heads. Why? Well, it appears K/Ghadaffi hired sub-saharan mercenaries and instead of trying to decide who is who, the rebels are killing every dark skinned African they can get their machetes on.Germany bailed, by the way. France and Sarkow are passing the buck to Barry.Wake me when it’s over.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. (Video) Obama Was Against Military Intervention Before He Was For It

At some point, one assumes that politicians would remember that everything is recorded these days and that in order to not appear hypocritical, they must address what has been said when it stands starkly against what they are doing.Such is the case with President Obama and the actions in Libya. Like RedState’s own Moe Lane, I too have had a difficult time deciding where I stand on the current action given that the President would need to have outlined an objective of some sort in order for me to know if I’m for or against it.Objectives aside however, there is no doubt what is taking place as a practical matter: We as a nation are now committed to a military course of action against this evil dictator.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Jack Killed Giants. Barry Kills Jobs.

Barack Obama wants everyone talking about the jobs he has saved or created, but it is time to put some attention on those jobs killed or wounded by Barack Obama.A case in point would be the oil industry. According to a report by CNS News, Barack Obama has killed or wounded 19,000 jobs due to his ban on drilling for oil.Of the 19,000 jobs lost, 13,000 jobs have been lost regionally along the Gulf Coast. Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Dan Eggen of the Washington Post Engages in Journalistic Incest With Left Wing Interest Groups

The Obama mouthpiece Center for American Progress did a hit job on Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) who happens to represent that part of Kansas in which Koch Industries is located.Dan Eggen, who I think we can deduce is an avid reader of Center for American Progress nonsense, took up the hit job and placed it in the pages of the Washington Post.Among other things, Eggen tries to portray Mike Pompeo as a pawn of Koch Industries because of its financial contributions to Pompeo’s campaign via the Koch PAC and, when Pompeo was in business, a Koch venture capital firm contributing 2% of the overall money to Pompeo’s business. Eggen wholly ignores, in bringing up the accusation, that Koch Industries is a legitimate constituent of Pompeo’s.More troubling, Eggen uses as objective sources for his story individuals who actively worked against Pompeo in the 2010 political campaign and are tied to far left interest groups. Eggen never bothers to disclose this.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Why Should We Care What NOW Thinks of Bill Maher’s Sexist Palin Slur?

On Friday night, the abhorrent idjit known as Bill Maher used a crass and offensive slur about Sarah Palin. It is one that I will not repeat here, but suffice it to say it is a favorite misogynistic epithet of the lofty, oh-so-enlightened leftist set. I’ve been called it many times in hate emails and even on Twitter. It is usually prefaced with “dumb” and is second only to their top favorite term used to describe women; a term that starts with the third letter of the alphabet. Frankly, this isn’t very surprising coming from the trollish Maher. He clearly has women issues, as he’s shown many times in the past. As well as, I suspect, “compensation” issues. Hello, small man’s complex!Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Planned Parenthood Funding: We’re Waiting

It has now been weeks since a series of damaging videos showing Planned Parenthood’s systematic willingness to facilitate child sex-trafficking and other forms of lawbreaking, and Congress has yet failed to act to strip Federal funding of this corrupt organization. Several pro-life groups are stepping up the pressure with a series of videos designed to highlight the issue. The first is a powerful user-submitted video which won the contest sponsored by the Expose Planned Parenthood Coalition last week.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. Just Who Is The SEIU Threatening These Days?

It seems The SEIU is making rediculous threats for a change. They will get their way – NOW! Otherwise, they intend to get the banksters by crashing Wall Street. They intend to end capitalism as we now know it and redistribute the proceeds fairly. Silly me. I always thought you could do that by voting for Democrats.So just how does one get the banksters? I’d like to collect them and trade them amongst my friends. Frivolity aside, this is an absolute joke. But just for kicks, Business Insider explains the Glorious Proletariat Revolution below.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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