The Rising Sun

Last week, after months of behind the scenes arguing and frustration, I made the call (and take full responsibility for making the call) to clean house here at RedState. A number of user accounts were disabled.


If you feel the need to understand my reasoning you can go here.

If you want or need a full explanation surrounding what happened and why, you can go here.

For the past week, the front page contributors and I agreed we’d let everyone have at it. There have been comments. There have been diaries. I hope everyone found it cathartic.

Before it becomes a distraction, I am now here to announce that we are moving on. Outstanding diary threads on the matter are having comments closed.

If you cannot let go, you might need to go. That is not me wanting you to go, but we have a fight against both Barack Obama and a bunch of squishy Republicans to get on with. The mourning period is over.

The fight goes on against the left. The period for wailing and gnashing of teeth has come to an end.

Carry on.


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