Morning Briefing for February 24, 2011

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For February 24, 2011

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1. Union Thuggery Descends On FreedomWorks

Today, union thugs descended on the FreedomWorks office. It was the middle of the day, and there was some excitement outside as all the buses pulled up and people started to fill the courtyard. We decided to go out and show our support for freedom. Intern Steve was quickly suited up.

We wandered around talking to people, and saw the buses lined up on the street. NEA, AFT, SEIU, and CWA signs dominated – a veritable “who’s who” of union thuggery, to be sure. They all had on matching tee shirts and printed signs, as is to be expected.

I was taking pictures and video with my phone, and I heard my coworker getting into a heated exchange with one of the protesters. I turned on my iPhone camera and headed over to film it. They were going back and forth, the protester called my colleague a “little sh*t” just as I walked up, which is where the video starts. Then he noticed I was filming. Here’s what happened . . .

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2. Defense of Marriage Act, ObamaCare and Kagan

President Obama’s decision today to abandon the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is both outrageous—as a matter of Justice Department policy and constitutional law—and a miscalculation that will decreases the chances of ObamaCare being implemented, while potentially increasing calls for Supreme Court Justice Kagan to recuse herself from certain gay rights cases.

The President’s refusal to defend DOMA, a federal statute enacted by overwhelming margins in the Senate (85 – 14) and House (342 – 67) and signed into law by President Clinton, flies in the face of Justice Department policy and principles of democratic government. It has long been the Department’s policy to defend any challenged federal statute unless no plausible argument can be made in its defense. By ignoring that policy, President Obama is engaging in a disturbing power grab that, if taken to its logical conclusion, would allow him to undermine any duly enacted federal law that he doesn’t personally agree with.

But that’s not the worst of this power grab.

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3. New Tone: Union Thugs Assault Woman, Arbitrate ‘Badness’ of Jews, Berate Black Man

Yesterday, Massachusetts Democrat Representative Mike Capuano encouraged union members to go out in the streets and get a little bloody.

Firstly, oh, the irony in saying that throwing a coffee cup – at a human – is okay if it’s for human rights. Secondly, I suppose if throwing a coffee cup and “getting a little bloody” are just fine and dandy, it’s no surprise that union thugs decided that throwing phones and hitting a woman are just as proper.

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4. Follow the Money: What the Wisconsin Education Association Isn’t Talking About

As Americans, we’re often taught that trusts and monopolies are the product of big business and are bad. However, if trusts and monopolies are bad when Big Business engages in monopolistic ways, why isn’t it bad when Big Labor engages in the same sort of behaviors that are condemned when committed by Big Business?

For over a week now, the nation has watched tens of thousands march in protest to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget plan. Democrat lawmakers (aka Fleebaggers) have fled the state in order to avoid doing their duty, while Obama’s OFA has bussed in the astroturf from out of state. While the union meme has been that Walker’s plan is “union-busting,” perhaps a more apt description would be “trust-busting.”

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5. Gallup: Obama Under 50% among ‘Adults’ in 38 States

Gallup has collected the data from their daily tracking polls throughout 2010 and contrasted the results to the same information from 2009. Not surprisingly, their findings show that Obama has suffered a decline in every state since 2009. His unpopularity is now ubiquitous. Overall, Obama’s national approval rating has dropped 11% from 58% to 47%. Furthermore, the polling data collected from nearly 180,000 interviews shows that Obama is viewed favorably by less than 50% of respondents in 38 states. He is above 50% approval in just 12 states, and is viewed unfavorably by the majority of respondents in 16 states.

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6. Obama finally breaks silence on violence in Libya

President Obama condemned the violence in Libya, dispatched Secretary of State Clinton to Geneva for talks aimed at stopping the bloodshed, and said he directed his administration to prepare a full range of options to respond.

Obama also said the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable.

Obama made these profound announcements Wednesday evening — his first public comments on the violent unrest sweeping Libya.

After being asked several questions about Obama’s silence on the violence in Libya, an exasperated Press Secretary Jay Carney finally stated it was a scheduling problem.

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7. The Last Refuge Of The Progressives

In light of the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by Jared Loughner calls have gone out far and wide for a new civility. The University of Arizona has even invited Former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton to waste the time and money of their student body by founding an institute of civility. In other words, we now will be lectured on proper political decorum by the man who was disbarred by the State of Arkansas for committing perjury.

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