On This Nancy Pelosi Has My Thanks. God Bless Her.

None of us here are fans of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But I believe in praising people, whether I agree with them or not, when they deserve it. And Nancy Pelosi deserves our praise today.


You may not know it, but Pelosi is an ardent foe of the Chicoms’ human rights record. As documented in the wikileaks releases, the Chinese are scared to death of the woman every time she goes for a visit.

A few years ago, Speaker Pelosi embarrassed the Chinese by unfurling a banner in Tianamen Square honoring the victims of the Chicoms’ murderous put down of the protest. Speaker Pelosi, having been denied the right to visit Tibet a few years ago made a big stink about it.

Now, Nancy Pelosi is letting Republican Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey bring his resolution to the floor honoring Chinese dissident and human-rights activist Liu Xiaobo, who is this year’s recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

I do hope Speaker Pelosi will go to Oslo for the ceremony. It will send the right message to the Chicoms that Americans, Thomas Friedman excluded, will continue standing up to them and their murderous, barbarous record on basic human rights.



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