Impotence & Salad

Welcome back. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. There are a few stories that came out over the holiday weekend and I think they are best tied together by one word — impotence.


Barack Obama increasingly appears to be an impotent President and no amount of viagra funded through Obamacare seems capable of helping the man.

First there was North Korea. They have, in essence, engaged in several acts of war against South Korea and have received no substantive response. The United States will engage in military exercises with South Korea, but that’s it.

In reality, though, let’s not kid ourselves. North Korea has no plans to go to war. North Korea just wants something. It wants concessions of some kind. Further, until the U.S. Government recognizes that North Korea exists solely because of Chinese subsidy (pretty much like us these days), we can do little to curb North Korea unless we take a more aggressive posture against China — something few Republicans and even fewer Democrats want to do.

China, however, is the enemy.

In the meantime, Obama does nothing.

Then there is the matter of Wikileaks. Why its founder, Julian Assange, continues to walk free, is mind boggling given the extent of the leaking he is doing. The founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, directly says Wikileaks and, consequently, Mr. Assange, is an enemy of the United States.


In Yemen we send unmanned aerial vehicles to deal with American enemies. The best we’ve done so far with Mr. Assange is send him a letter and plead with his sensibilities — to no avail no less.

Mr. Obama has been unable to deal with Iran. He has been unable to deal with North Korea. And now he is unable to deal with Wikileaks. To be fair, his predecessors had a hard time dealing with the first two as well, but if we’re really being fair we should also admit that neither Bill Clinton nor George Bush would have so ineptly handled the matter of wikileaks.

Our foreign policy has become ivory tower and academic. The wikileaks documents, if nothing else, shows us that none of our allies take this administration seriously.

In order to meet his timeline to shut down Guantanamo Bay, the Obama Administration withheld meetings with Obama until countries volunteered to take some of the detainees — no word on the repercussions for letting them go once the head of state had a meeting with Obama.

Then there is Richard Wolffe’s new book about Barack Obama. Mr. Wolffe of MSNBC fame no doubt thinks he is helping the administration, but Kyle Smith seizes on one revealing anecdote.

One staffer was conspicuously overweight. The president, in an incident that Wolffe believes proves how caring the man is, took it upon himself to present the aide with a salad for lunch — “then listened to him protest that he could take care of his own health. ‘I love you, man,’ Obama said. ‘I want you to look after yourself. Eat the salad.’ ”


This is followed by Barack Obama quoting Abraham Lincoln and attributing his knowledge of the quote to his frequent perusals of the White House library. But the quote is actually from Ronald Reagan, not Lincoln, and Obama found it not by perusing the White House Library, but by reading his own diary wherein he mistakenly attributed the quote.

Mr. Obama is impotent and James Carville is perhaps right that Mr. Obama lacks a pair.

Maybe had the media demanded to see his college transcripts instead of believing the myth that the man is a genius, we’d have seen before putting him in office that he really isn’t as smart as he or his acolytes think he is.


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