Morning Briefing for October 28, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing

For October 28, 2010

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1. Exclusive Video: Lauren Valle Before The Head Stomp Vid

RedState has obtained exclusive video of the precipitating events prior to the “head stomping incident” at a recent Rand Paul event.

This video was sent to RedState by an anonymous witness at the event. It shows what Valle was doing when the Paul supporters grabbed her. No one chased her around the car. As you can see in the video, Valle reached in the candidate’s window with her “RepubliCorp” sign and shoved it in his face. Several supporters in Paul shirts have her surrounded at that point, and a man in a suit is the first person to actually intervene physically. It’s hard to tell from the video, but it could be that the man in the suit was with Paul’s security staff.

Toward the end of the video, you see several Paul supporters asking a police officer to come intervene. It was Paul supporters who told Profitt to back off. It was Paul supporters who brought the police. Contrary to the growing narrative on the left, this video clearly shows that Valle was not the victim of a conspiracy to “take her out.”

To conclude, however, that her version of events gibes with the video is quite a stretch indeed. She claims to have been an innocent bystander. She clearly was not. She was blatantly not the victim of a conspiracy. Indeed, as the later portion shows, she is still incorrect. She was not taken down in front of the vehicle. She actually RETURNED to the vehicle window, right next to Rand Paul as he is exiting, practically running right at him.

As the video demonstrates, she rushed the vehicle and shoved her sign in Rand Paul’s face. That is obviously vastly different from her repeated account.

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2. From “All Catholics Are Pedophiles” to “Catholics Hate Poor People”

Is it any wonder polls are showing a huge shift in the Catholic vote from Democrats to Republicans?

Last week in Missouri, Russ Carnahan made his closing pitch against his opponent, Ed Martin. It went something like this — “All Catholics Are Pedophiles, Ed Martin is a Catholic, Therefore Ed Martin is a Pedophile”.

In Minnesota the Democrats are opting for something else. “All Catholics Hate the Poor.”

A mail piece from the Democratic Party in Minnesota shows a Catholic Priest from his Roman collar down with a button on his shirt that reads “Ignore the Poor.”

The National Catholic Register calls it “the most anti-Catholic political ad you’ll ever see.

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3. Michael Bennet’s Lack of Faith

The Democrats really are running an inconsistent campaign across the country.

In Missouri they are running an attack on a Republican saying he covered up pedophilia in the Catholic Church.

In Minnesota the Democrats are attacking Catholics full on for not living up to Christ’s teaching to help the poor.

In Kentucky they are attacking Rand Paul for blaspheming Christ or some such nonsense.

In Colorado . . . well, in Colorado they are running Michael Bennet.

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4. If 2+2=4, when does S+E+I+U=RICO?

Isn’t it amazing that, whenever there is some sort of controversy involving voter registration fraud, or other election shenanigans, somewhere lurking in the shadows is the Purple Hand of the SEIU? Of course, it could be merely a coincidence…if one believes in coincidences. Or, it could be something bigger, and much more nefarious.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been cataloging some of the “coincidences” leading up to next week’s mid-term elections. Here’s the recap.

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5. Colorado Should Not Be Too Close To Call

Colorado should not be too close to call right now. But it is. Unions and Colorado’s well organized left-wing interest groups are pour tons of money and resources into Colorado to protect Michael Bennet and reward him for his Obamacare vote.

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