Connections and Disconnections on the Pledge to Nowhere

Jonah Goldberg makes a great point at the Corner related to me and my stance on the Pledge to Nowhere.

I like and respect Erick Erickson, but after watching the Sunday shows you would think he represents somewhere between 25 and 75 percent of the conservative movement, given the rather absurd prominence his anti-Pledge remarks have been given. Everywhere you turn, we’re told that there’s a huge controversy on the right over the Pledge, and yet the only evidence anyone ever cites are Erickson’s comments. Again, I like the guy, but to paraphrase Stalin, how many divisions does the Erick Erickson have?


First of all, we are legion or call me Leonidas. I’ll take either or both or something like that.Second, as I emailed Jonah, it is more than a bit ridiculous to have a group of talking heads bring up my post when they neither understand my opposition to the pledge to nowhere nor the pledge itself and view both the supporters and opponents of the pledge on the right as somehow out of touch with America because we are out of touch with the Upper West Side of Manhattan.I’ve actually gotten a lot of heat from people on our side that I was somehow aiding and abetting the opposition by being critical of the pledge to nowhere. Sadly, I learned long ago that if we do not strongly register our dissent up front, the GOP will take our silence or politeness as strong approval for their schemes. Consider, just today, John Boehner began laying the framework for the comeback of earmarks.There is, however, one note above all that is worth pointing out. As you know I’m on my book tour (have you bought your copy yet?), which has mostly been on local radio around the country. I realize our friends at National Review like it. I know that most of my friends on the national talk radio shows have spoken kindly of it. But I’ve done over two dozen radio interviews in almost as many states since the pledge came out and only one . . . one local market talk radio host liked the pledge.There remains a great disconnect between the Beltway and the base.Now, let us never speak of this pledge again. There’s a fight for freedom on and I aim to win it.



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