Morning Briefing for September 2, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For September 2, 2010

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1. The Rhetoric of Violence

Yesterday, James Jay Lee died, shot by police. Lee walked into the headquarters of the Discovery Channel in Silver Springs, Maryland, armed and seemingly strapped with a bomb. Though most of the building was evacuated safely, Lee managed to take three people hostage. The stand-off lasted several hours, and ended when Maryland police had no choice but deadly force to finally ensure the safety of the hostages.

During long stand-off, people across the airwaves and internet discovered and discussed volumes of information on the gunman. His motives were dissected, his family was interviewed, his disturbing list of demands parsed. When something like this happens, this search is inevitable and understandable. Everyone, politically motivated or otherwise, has the same question.


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2. Conservatives Have Won Nothing. You Read It Right. NOTHING.

It has come to this, I’m afraid.

We need to keep our perspective.

Conservatives have won nothing. Nothing.

Ken Buck you say? Sharron Angle? Mike Lee? Pat Toomey? Marco Rubio? Joe Miller? Rand Paul? Nikki Haley?

Here, pay attention: they are all candidates.

Yes, yes — we won primaries. Contrary to popular opinion that conservatives wanted a purge of party, we instead played smartly — playing where we could win. We gave Roy Blunt a pass in Missouri. We were largely disunified and unorganized in Illinois, letting it go to Mark Kirk. I personally insisted no one beat him up on the front page here, given the near inevitability of the primary. There was no point. We stayed out of Connecticut. We went with Rob Portman in Ohio. We lost California and Indiana.

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3. The poll that scares the Democrats most.

It’s this one, from the never-to-be-sufficiently-hated-by-the-Left Rasmussen: and on its face it’s innocuous enough. It’s the partisan identification poll, and it currently lists Democrats at 35%, Republicans at 33.8%, and Neither at 31.1%. Unsurprising, based on recent events, right? – Also, it’s a poll of adults, so this probably means a Republican advantage among likely voters, as that’s the usual rule of thumb for these things. So, nothing really unusual here, right?

Wrong. If this poll is accurate, it’s a harbinger of DOOM for the Democrats.

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4. Boo-Hoo. Icky Conservatives Might Upset The Senate.

Funny, several friends and I were joking earlier today that pretty soon the elites and their media friends would take a new angle on Ken Buck, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Sharron Angle, etc.

Instead of calling them fringe, which is getting harder and harder to do given their successes, the media would instead contrast them to Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint, alleging that these people are far to the right of Coburn and DeMint. In effect, DeMint and Coburn would be centrists relatively speaking.

It didn’t take 24 hours. The elites are so predictable.

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