Jane Norton for Governor

I put Nightwister’s post on the frontpage for a reason — Dan Maes needs to disappear.If he is considering it, I want to publicly encourage him.I met Dan Maes. When I was in Colorado earlier this year, Maes wanted to meet and asked for mine and RedState’s support. Very few of my friends in Colorado — the same people supporting Buck by and large — thought that would be wise.We see why. Maes was not ready for prime time. He’s a genuinely nice guy. I liked him immediately. But the Maes campaign is amateur hour. There is a lot riding on strong GOP turnout in November in Colorado. We have a chance to shift that state back toward us. But Maes is not the guy to lead that shift. His remaining at the top of the ballot jeopardizes the GOP down ballot. His remaining on the ballot jeopardizes turnout for Ken Buck.Through the Colorado Senate primary I heard over and over from Buck supporters how much they wished Jane Norton were running for Governor. As a former Lt. Governor in the state, she has great executive experience. I’d gladly support her for the job.It is my hope and prayer that Dan Maes recognizes reality and leaves the race. We can win Colorado. But not with Dan Maes.



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