Giving up the Pretense on Socialism

Tabitha has already hit this, but I want to come back to one point.

I am referring to the insipid bit of bra burning in the pages of the New York Times lamenting the rise of Sarah Palin. There is one key bit of it worth noting:


[The left has] done nothing to stop a[ ] … socialist-bashing Tea Party enthusiast

Got that? They are angry that Sarah Palin and the tea party bashes socialism.Remember just a few months ago when every leftist in America screamed whenever anyone on the right accused Obama and the Democrats of being socialists? You’d think we’d just called them something profane other than describing who they actually are.Now, here we have two lefty feminists convinced one of Sarah Palin’s worst traits is that she bashes socialism. Voters delivered themselves into the hands of San Francisco Democrats without realizing it and are now desperately trying to extricate themselves.Meanwhile, the socialists finally feel comfortable enough to call themselves that. How much longer before they start bashing tea partiers for bashing communism?


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