Morning Briefing for August 26, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For August 26, 2010

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1. A RedState Mission: Get the Dems on Video

The other day in Ohio, House Republican Leader John Boehner said Mr. Obama should fire Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and economy adviser Larry Summers.I agree. But what do Democrats in Congress think? Back in 2006, Democrats were demanding to get Republicans on the record about whether President Bush should keep Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense.It’s time to turn the tables. Go get your congress critter on video. Ask if he agrees with John Boehner that Barack Obama should ask for Tim Geithner and Larry Summers’ resignations. Oh, and if you get your congressman to take a position on the Ground Zero Mosque, you just might get bonus points and maybe an extra prize!Post your video to our Facebook page. Each person who does so will get a copy of my new book.(one book per person, mission may end at my say, Geithner or Summers being fired, or September 15th, whichever comes first. Post your video to Facebook. Note that you’ve done so in the comments here)Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. RED ALERT: Emergency in Alaska

Joe Miller has won the GOP nomiation for the United States Senate in Alaska. Looking at where the absentee ballots are coming from, etc., Murkowski is not going to be able to make it up. Sources close to Miller, Palin, and external media sources all seem to think Murkowski can’t make up the difference.But there is a problem.The absentee ballots will not be counted for a week or so. Already there are rumors of “found” ballots. Murkowski is refusing to go away quietly, even allowing her campaign to float the idea of a third party bid or write-in candidacy.Joe Miller needs a quick infusion of cash to his campaign to pay for a ballot integrity program. Tea Party activists need to get to Alaska immediately to help secure the process and make sure Murkowski cannot steal the election.And once all of that is done, Alaska media sources are reporting the Democrats may yank the winner of their contest and put in former Governor Tony Knowles, who they think will have a stronger shot at Miller.Give Joe Miller what you can ASAP.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Lessons for Conservatives From the Rick Scott Campaign

A lot of people are going to want to put their head in the sand and claim Rick Scott bought the Florida GOP’s gubernatorial primary. The facts make it clear that this is nonsense.Yes, Rick Scott did spend $40 million. But more than $20 million was spent just to attack Rick Scott. Scott spent his money not just drawing very sharp contrasts with Bill McCollum, but selling an actual agenda.Scott ran as a conservative. He sold himself as a common sense businessman, as a pro-lifer, and as someone who could create jobs.The campaign was extremely contentious, extremely negative, and very hard fought. But the fact is Bill McCollum, the sitting statewide Attorney General, former congressman, and Clinton impeachment manager ran a campaign largely devoid of issues.McCollum had high name id, which Scott had to overcome with a large ad purchase. Scott hit on a number of topics.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Democrats New Attack on Ken Buck: He Is Too Responsible

This may be the dumbest attack ever leveled against a politician on either side of the aisle. Ever.Senator Michael Bennet, in his desperate bid to beat Ken Buck, has come up with a new attack. Ken Buck, a sitting District Attorney, believes it is not right to keep drawing a taxpayer funded salary while spending a good portion of his time out of the office campaigning.Bennet has seized on that act of responsibility to attack Buck as absent from his job, pointing out that he, Bennet, has never missed a vote in Washington.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Obama admin gives illegal aliens backdoor amnesty

The so-called backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens is no longer merely another bad idea from the Obama administration. According to the Houston Chronicle, the Department of Homeland Security is trying to dismiss thousands of deportation cases against “suspected illegal immigrants.”Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. SC’s Governor and VA’s Attorney General: For The Children

This past week, Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Republican Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli displayed how the GOP is the party who is actually For The Children, and not just in the talking points way. First up was Governor Mark Sanford, who signed bill H 3245 into law. The law now requires that women have a 24 hour waiting period before obtaining an abortion. Prior to this law, there was only a one hour waiting period. It also requires that abortionists offer women the ability to see their unborn child on an ultrasound before aborting the baby, but does not require that they view the ultrasound. They must merely be given the choice. Choice is important, right? Next, came Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, who concluded last week that state agencies in Virginia can legally regulate abortion clinics as medical establishments.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. A Tale Of Two Americas

It’s in Chapter 1 of Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities”, at the very beginning, that we are given a testament to an America Dickens could not possibly have foreseen when he wrote it. The now-famous quote eerily spells out, in fairly accurate detail, just where we find ourselves today living as the backdrop to an Obama-Biden dream world only they and their circle of elites are able to enjoy.It is the best of worlds for those relentlessly enjoying posh vacations, or playing endless rounds of unaffordable golf at inaccessible (to most) country clubs, or keynoting speeches in the private homes of rich donors (scrambling Democrats at risk of losing their seats in Congress in tow, desperately hanging on to their coattails) while not being on any election ballots.It is the worst of worlds for everyone else.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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