McCollum the Sore Loser?

This is getting disgraceful. I realize the level of acrimony is out of control in Florida, but this behavior is typical of McCollum and one of the chief reasons his opponent barely lost McCollum’s home county — ponder that point.McCollum hired most of Charlie Crist’s 2006 campaign staff, which happened to be former Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer’s inner circle. Yes, the indicted JIm Greer.McCollum accepted Jim Greer’s endorsement gladly, but he never endorsed Marco Rubio after Crist dropped out of the GOP primary.Now he says he is reserving his endorsement of Rick Scott and he is toying with the idea of endorsing the Democrat?Primaries are a good thing. And please note that the politicians in office the longest have the hardest time letting go without being bitter.



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