Ken Buck Wins

On December 21, 2009, I asked a very simple question:

Why exactly must we support Jane Norton in Colorado instead of Ken Buck? I’m not saying I am or am not, but why must I? Lots of people think we must because the same guys in Washington who said Charlie Crist was our best hope in Florida say she is in Colorado.


The blowback was tremendous. Lots of people immediately accused me of trying to hand Colorado to the Democrats.But like I did with Marco Rubio all the way back on March 19, 2009, and like I did with Mike Lee and Bob Bennett back in September of 2009, and Nikki Haley back in August of 2009, and like I did with Rand Paul back in March of this year, I have persevered for Ken Buck — sometimes despite more criticism than applause. RedState has persevered for Ken Buck too.We at RedState have beaten the bushes for Ken Buck. We have hounded third party groups to get involved for him. We have hounded organizations and people to sit on the sidelines when they leaned toward Norton.Jim DeMint jumped in for Ken. FreedomWorks jumped in for Ken. Gun Owners of America jumped in for Ken. The momentum built. The tide turned. And today I am very, very, very pleased to tell you Ken Buck is the Republican Senate nominee for Colorado.Now I have to tell you something I’ve said before, but few paid attention to. I am quite serious — this Senate primary has meant more to me than any of the others. I’ve gotten to know Ken and his wife. We’ve spent time together. I know in ways I cannot convey how desperately we need a guy like Ken Buck in the Senate with Jim DeMint.Looking at the trends in Colorado tonight, we’ll have him there. Ken Buck wins.



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