RedState Gathering

Among the people who will be joining us at the RedState Gathering:

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)
Rep. Nikki Haley (R-SC)
Asm. Chuck DeVore (R-CA)

and more to be announced shortly as well as one returning guest from last year that everyone loved.


Here’s the rule for the RedState Gathering and why you should attend:

We keep it cheap for you, include meals at no charge, and require any politician who wants to speak to you to pay his own way there, speak on the floor, answer your questions, and hang out.

There are no fancy podiums and stages and green rooms from which the politicians can hide from you, the RedState readers.

We’re also going to time my book launch for the RedState Gathering. There is still time to register. The event is September 17th to 19th in Austin, TX. We won’t start till the evening of the 17th to accommodate travel schedules. This year we’re going to do a serious training session from American Majority and schedule a good amount of time for people to hang out.


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