His Boots Are Made For Winning

Colorado is a mail-in ballot state for the Republican Primary. 14 counties have actual polling places for the primary, but only 2 out of the top 12 counties in terms of votes. The ballots were mailed out to voters on July 19th. The vast majority of votes will be cast before August 10th.That puts Ken Buck in a very, very good position. In a new nonpartisan poll for 9 News in Denver, Ken Buck leads 50% to 41%.This poll comes after votes have had time to digest Jane Norton and her campaign aide Cinamon playing the gender card. For months Jane Norton has paraded around the state telling voters one more reason to vote for her is she wears high heels and won’t be one of the good old boys. It’s gotten kind of tiresome.Ken Buck, last week, when asked why voters should vote for him, said he wears boots, not high heels, and his boots have real bulls–t on them, not Washington, D.C. bulls–t.Amen to that! Naturally, Jane Norton cried foul. Cinamon tried to make it into Ken Buck’s “macaca” moment. No one else cared.Have you done what you can to get Ken Buck elected? I sure hope so. We need him.



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