Frank Guinta the Grandstander

Those emails from the Attorney General’s Office in New Hampshire haven’t done a lot of damage to Kelly Ayotte — at least as much as people thought. IN fact, in a new poll, she’s clobbering Paul Hodes, the run to Canada for money Democrat.


But one person who is getting hit Frank Guinta, running for Congress. Guinta is very adamant he opposed the stimulus and would never vote for the stimulus.

Internal emails from the Attorney General’s Office suggest otherwise. In one email, Kelly Ayotte referred to Guinta as a “grandstander.” Why?

A fun tidbit from the more than 6,000 Ayotte e-mails released by the Attorney General’s Office last week turned up a brief e-mail exchange between Ayotte and Deputy AG Bud Fitch on the March 2009 day we reported that then-Manchester Mayor Guinta, who was gearing up for his congressional run at the time. Guinta complained in a front page story about the slow pace the state was collecting stimulus money from the feds and distributing it to the local communities.

That day, Fitch e-mailed Ayotte on the story:

“The fun never ends!”

And Ayotte replied:

“Pressure coming your way….He is such a grandstander.”


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