To the People of Kansas

Dear People of Kansas,You are about to have your primary and a lot of you are emailing me asking who you should vote for in the United States Senate race.Frankly, when it comes to pork, Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran are nothing to write home about. They are both porkers.So that issue, for both, cancels each other out.But then you have all the other issues out there from taxes to national security to life to you name it. Those issues separate the two candidates and I come down on the side of Todd Tiahrt.Now, I realize Congressman Tiahrt is missing some vowels in his last name. Vanna White probably needed a couple extra and he was kind enough to put them on permanent loan. There can be no other explanation for those missing letters.But let’s not hold that generosity against him.Todd Tiahrt is a great guy, he’ll make a good senator, and he’s not going to be one of those Republicans who gives us repeated heartburn in a quest to transcend politics by cutting deals in favor of big government with the left.Were I in Kansas I’d be voting for Todd Tiahrt. I hope you will since I can’t.



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