Despite Jane Norton's Pre-Emptive Spin, Ken Buck Leads in Money and Polling

Wow.Poor Jane Norton. How the mighty fall. I guess when you hire Josh Penry to do nothing but beat up Ken Buck and deny you’re the lobbyist you once claimed to be, you have trouble selling yourself.Norton, the former Lt. Governor of Colorado, beat Ken Buck in money raised last quarter, but that’s all. And she got those numbers out there early banking on reporters being too lazy to actually dig into the numbers.Those who have dug into the numbers have found some startling news:Ken Buck, despite being outraised by Jane Norton, has more cash on hand than Norton.Even more troubling for Norton, Ken Buck has more cash to spend on the primary election than Jane Norton. Norton got a lot of money from a few sources and consequently only part of that money can go to the primary.Buck got a high volume of small dollar donations, most of which can be spent in the primary. Consequently, Jane Norton’s money advantage looks good on paper, but is nothing more than a paper tiger.If Jane Norton gets to Washington and wastes taxpayer money like she’s wasting her campaign money, we’re all in deep trouble. Oh, and Ken Buck is still leading significantly in every poll not paid for by Jane Norton.



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