Jane Norton Wants a Pro-Abortion, Tax and Spend Senator as a Mentor

Jane Norton gave the Colorado Statesman a very eye opening interview.First, she walked back some of the attacks her campaign has been making on Ken Buck.Second, she again couldn’t remember key details to questions and had to rely on Cinamon, though not by name this time.Third, when asked who she wanted as a mentor in the United States Senate, Jane Norton said she wanted a pro-abortion, tax and spend Senator who doesn’t want us to try to repeal Obamacare as her mentor.That’s right — Jane Norton wants Lisa Murkowski to be her mentor.Tea party activists nationwide should take note of this. Norton has been angling for tea party support by trying to demonize Ken Buck. Now she’s admitting she wants one of the chief antagonists of the tea party movement to be her mentor.Lisa Murkowski has even pivoted recently to now be opposed to cap-and-tax legislation, but only because now is not the time. In other words, she’s only opposed to it during her re-election bid.I bet Cinamon was not happy with this interview.



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