Better the Christian Hating Lesbian Than the Black Man

Stuff like this is probably why Alvin Greene is the Democrats’ Senate candidate in South Carolina.Greene, a man with no home, no money, and no job, beat the Democrats’ hand picked candidate for the right to lose to Jim DeMint in South Carolina. The Democrats are pounding their fists on the table claiming it was a dirty trick.This is an intentional distraction. Why is it a distraction? Because otherwise the media would be pointing out that a man who spent no money at all and had zero name recognition beat the Democrats’ chosen candidate. That would mean (1) the Democrats’ chosen candidate truly sucked or (2) Democrats in South Carolina are genuinely stupid.Behold the healing power of “and”.Proving it is both, the Democrats are set to run a candidate against Alvin Greene as an independent. Who did they pick? Linda Ketner.If the name sounds familiar it is because Ketner ran against Congressman Henry Brown in 2008. Ketner is a lesbian, which is largely inconsequential, except that added to it she openly hates Christians because of Biblical teachings against homosexuality that non-Christ following preachers tend to avoid or lie about. In the South, however, its readily discussed except among Episcopalians.So instead of going with the black man who the Democratic voters of South Carolina picked to go against DeMint, the Democrats will fall back on the Christian hating lesbian voters have already rejected at the ballot in one of South Carolina’s congressional districts.Maybe they should just give up.



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