Morning Briefing for June 11, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For June 11, 2010

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1. President Obama’s Mishandling of The Gulf Oil Spill

In politics, 2 things matter – perception and effective policy. President Obama has failed in both.The Administration claimed to be “on top of this since day one,” but the reality is that the President didn’t personally address the issue for many days until the public outcry was too loud to ignore.While the President has had plenty of time in the last 50 days to play golf, host glitzy celebrity events at the White House and go on vacation – he’s only managed a few self-serving photo-op stops in the Gulf.The President blasts the BP CEO, but hasn’t even spoken to him – he delivers blustery comments about “kicking someone’s a**” – while trying to cover his own his own rear.He has rebuffed efforts and ideas by the local governors and by private sector entities. Instead, the President’s unwillingness to lead or get out of the way has cost us dearly.In times of crisis, leaders lead and politicians make speeches. President Obama has made a lot of speeches.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. This is Leadership?

“We talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.” – President Obama“He [BP CEO] wouldn’t be working for me.” – President Obama“Bring those responsible to justice on behalf of the victims of this catastrophe.” – President ObamaI could go on, but instead, I ask: how are these comments by the President helping stop a huge oil leak that is devastating our waters, endangering our wildlife, and negatively impacting the economy of the Gulf region, as well as hurting the people there, again?Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Tim Bridgewater: Indonesian Job Creator

Tim Bridgewater want to pretend the Utah primary is about a businessman versus a lawyer. Given Bridgewater’s track record, he’s using the term “businessman” loosely. In fact, I can’t tell that any of businesses are profitable except for the infusions of cash secured for him by Bob Bennett as earmarks.Along the way, Bridgewater has been creating jobs, just not for Utahans — for Indonesians.Bridgewater secured a federal grant for $1,000,000.00 for an Indonesian power company to study geothermal power at a place called Tangkuban Perahu.Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano in the province of West Java in Indonesia, some 9,000 miles east of Salt Lake City.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Bennett: So you booted me, but how about I pick my replacement?

Bob Bennett got knocked out of the Utah race before the runoff even happened. Just to put in perspective what a huge win that was for the movement, it had been 70 years since an incumbent had been knocked out of a primary in Utah. That’s what happens when you’re a “Republican” who drafted a health care plan that included an individual mandate, supported TARP, and has a history of stuffing bills with earmarks. We’re done pretending to overlook it because of the R next to your name.However, Bennett refuses to get out of the way so easily. He wants to have a hand in picking his replacement… and he’s chosen Tim Bridgewater.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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