Morning Briefing for June 7, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For June 7, 2010

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1. Did you think that anti-reform in South Carolina has any limits?

If you did, let me break it to you: no, it doesn’t.The video (via Palmetto State Politics) is here: flip ahead to 5:53, where Lt. Governor candidate Larry Richter casually calls into question the combat service of Lt. Governor candidate Bill Connor. Repeatedly. With a smirking sneer and a greasy awareness that he won’t get decked for it. Some points to address there:

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2. Proposed Medicare Czar likes pretty, pretty pictures.

It’s called the Dartmouth map, and as the New York Times and Hot Air notes, it was used by the Obama administration to argue that there were existing inefficiencies in the Medicare system that could be trimmed away, thus permitting a scenario where Medicare funding could be cut significantly while not sacrificing care (indeed, the map’s creators argue that it demonstrates that cutting Medicare will improve care). In fact, Sir Donald – that being the guy who loves the British Health Service to, ahem, death – is particularly enamored of this map.Just one small problem: it’s not actually a map of inefficient care.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Helen Thomas Watch: The Denial of Denial

Just about everyone knows the Helen Thomas story. The vicious, anti-Semitic old harpy opined that the problem in “Palestine” was with Jews and advocated ethnic cleansing as a solution.Now, as expected, the press corps in general, and the White House Press Corps in particular, is closing ranks around her.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Charlie Crist Linked To Fraud, Money Laundering

Remember back earlier in the year when then-Republican Charlie Crist was pushing a story that Marco Rubio had misused an AmEx card issued to him by the Florida Republican Party. This was supposed to be a killer allegation. Like just about everything else Charlie Crist has touched that strategy has rapidly turned to crap.On Wednesday of last week, former Florida GOP chair Jim Greer was arrested and charged with theft, fraud, and money laundering in connection with a diversion of at least $125,000 dollars from the Florida GOP to himself by the use of a shell company called Victory Strategies LLC.Jim Greer has apparently decided that he has no intention of going down by alone and probably figures that Charlie Crist will adapt to life in the prison laundry room much easier than he will.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Gov Christie to Teacher’s Union: ‘You Punch Them, I’ll Punch You’

Bada Bing, New Jersey’s Governor Christie does it again. This time, calling out the horrible and corrupt teacher’s union, NJEA. (video after the jump)Each time he speaks, I’m even more impressed than the last time. Every speech is chock-full of delicious common sense and straight talk. He started off his tenure as Governor by saying “No More” to the excessive taxation levied on New Jersey residents, which is a direct result of rampant and grossly irresponsible Democrat policy and spending. The irresponsible behavior is so enshrined in New Jersey politics that Christie had to put spending cuts in place, even while in the midst of a financial crisis, by executive order.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Can Jane Norton Think For Herself?

Jane Norton is a nice lady. Don’t believe me? Ask Ken Buck. He has not been going around the campaign trail personally attacking Jane Norton, just pointing out policy differences. Despite the establishment talking points that those differences are minimal, if at all, they are actually quite big on a few big issues. On the paramount issue — who will be conservative before being a tool of the party — Norton fails.And now she is out to change that. Along the way though, she must overcome the perception that she can’t think for herself. And given this profile, that might be difficult.Throughout the profile, Norton keeps attacking Ken Buck based on his connections, his closet liberalism (nevermind he is a Jim DeMint style conservative), etc. But everytime she finishes, she has to ask her staff about it.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. Dear RedState: Thank you from DeVore for California.

Tomorrow is primary day in California. By that evening, we’ll know whether Carly Fiorina, Tom Campbell, or Chuck DeVore is the choice of California Republicans to face off against Barbara Boxer in November. This election year is our last, best chance to dethrone the malign queen of the California left, with her black heart and bad ideas — and I hope we make the right choice. I hope we choose Chuck DeVore.In fact, I think we will. The peculiar dynamics of 2010 aren’t captured by any poll, and we’re taking this effort down to the wire.But I’m not writing this as a last-minute push for Chuck DeVore. I’m writing this to thank you. RedState mattered in this primary, for all the right reasons.Let’s rewind back to September 2009. Carly Fiorina had formed her exploratory committee, and was boasting to private audiences about her recruitment by the NRSC. Chuck DeVore’s campaign was wholly staffed by volunteers, and widely expected to be a non-factor. He would neither affect nor influence Fiorina’s smooth path to the nomination. His years of conservative activism would mean nothing next to the celebrity newcomer and her millions.Then RedState happened.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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