Morning Briefing for January 14, 2010

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For January 14, 2010
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1. Give to Help Haiti

As we learn more and more about Haiti, we know for sure that nation is truly devastated. The Salvation Army is where I always give money. The organization gives a phenomenal amount of its proceeds to the cause, not to administrative overhead.

Folks, you know I always say give to candidates. But candidates can wait. Relief cannot. Please give what you can.

We can help. Right now the people of Haiti need it.


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2. Obama To California: Drop Dead

The only explanation I can think of for this is that Arnold is still nominally a Republican. His emergency budget plan for the state of California builds in an expectation of funds from the current and/or the next Federal stimpack.

Standard & Poor’s observed, rationally enough, that there’s no guarantee that Obama will write over so much of your and my money to California, so they downgraded the state’s debt to A-, one of the lowest investment-grade ratings. That means California has to pay a lot more money in interest every time they borrow, and will have fewer investors available to lend to them. Which of course makes their fiscal crisis all the worse.

Now you’d think California would be too big to fail, especially since they reliably give 55 electoral votes to every Democratic presidential candidate. Bill Clinton, as President, seemed to spend as much time in California as he did in Washington.

But today, David Axelrod was quoted as saying that he recognizes California’s problems, but can’t solve them all from Washington. To recall a famous line from the Seventies: Drop dead!

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3. Doug Wilder: Reid’s Apology Not Sufficient

It seems that the further you get from the elites in Washington DC, who have a stake in Harry Reid remaining in power, the more likely you are to find African Americans who have a problem with Harry Reid’s comments about Barack Obama. And while I don’t agree with Doug Wilder on much, he makes a point that Reid and his defenders have attempted to gloss over: just because Barack Obama has (unsurprisingly) forgiven Reid, that’s not the end of the matter. Harry Reid’s surprising use of a term that is at best, antiquated and at worst, racist, is not a concern just for the president. It speaks to the way Reid views the African-American community as a whole. Wilder thinks Reid needs to apologize more broadly to the American people.

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4. Meehan ADMITS He Shoved McCormack

Well well. After the media carrying Martha Coakley’s water for an entire day, claiming that report John McCormack tripped instead of, as McCormack claimed, being shoved to the grown by Coakley aide Michael Meehan, Meehan has now issued an apology for shoving McCormack.

Yet again we have the bulk of the mainstream media carrying a Democrat’s water and buying wholesale their spin.

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5. Democrats Go Into ‘Sheer Panic’ Mode Over Massachusetts

The Democrats have gone into ’sheer panic’ mode over Martha Coakley’s campaign in Massachusetts.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has made expenditures to help Martha Coakley.

Read that again.

NOT the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), but the campaign committee for the House of Representatives.

Why would House Democrats be spending their precious resources on someone running for the United States Senate? Because they know it would destroy Nancy Pelosi’s agenda to have Scott Brown in the Senate.

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6. Where’s the Nobel Prize Money, Mr. President?

I’ve been waiting for some time for President Obama to announce what charity or charities will receive the $1.4 million in Nobel prize money awarded him. With all of the negative press he’s had and continuing plummeting polls numbers, you would think he’d donate the cash now. I’m sure he will donate it, but it seems odd that no announcement has been made.

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