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For January 13, 2010
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1. I declare DOOM for Martha Coakley (D, MA-SEN).

I’ve been fighting the urge: it’s Massachusetts. But let’s review the evidence.

  • The latest Rasmussen poll: 49/47 Coakley/Brown. That’s +2 Coakley for likely voters. Definite ones? +1 Brown. The total shift is +7 Brown in a week.
  • They’re not just paying union members to hold signs for Coakley: they’re paying Brown-voting union members to hold signs for Coakley.
  • And lastly: Coakley is scared. She admitted to being frightened in a conference call today at the way that Scott Brown has come out of nowhere to disrupt her coronation. She needs money. The campaign that bragged about the 5.2 million dollars that they raised last year needs money. That’s why the DSCC is throwing almost 600K into the race. So that Martha Coakley can maintain parity against the interloper.



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2. Dem Congressman Blasts Interior Sec’y Salazar’s Policies, Rhetoric

Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK02), like most energy-state Congressmen, knows upon which side his bread is buttered. Oklahoma’s economy depends heavily on the energy industry, and the industry has always treated the Sooner State well. Many of the recent advances in petroleum and natural gas technology were pioneered by the independent companies who call Oklahoma their home.

“Big Oil” left Oklahoma many, many years ago. Oklahoma is the “independents’” home: Chesapeake and Devon, to be sure, but also privately-held, family businesses and smaller private companies: Kaiser-Francis, Continental Resources, and Samson Resources.

The independents that Dan Boren knows sure don’t feel like “Kings of the World”. They’ve had about four or five years of really tall cotton out of the last twenty-five, a quarter-century that has seen total industry employment cut in half. The survivors are where they are because they deserve to be, not because anyone gave them an easy road.

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3. Sen. Dodd (D-CT): Health Bill “is hanging by a thread, obviously”

RealClearPolitics has the key parts of Dodd’s statement in a video clip and CBS News reports the Trillion Dollar President’s approval rating has hit a new low — 46%.

Senator Dodd (D-CT) gives his normally rambling comments, among them:

“If this is all about surviving politically, then we’re missing the whole purpose of what we’re supposed to be doing,”

which is ironic and easy for him to say because he just announced his retirement. Dodd was widely seen as one of the most unlikely to win re-election. He has visibly aged.

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4. Chat With Sean Duffy — Live on RedState

Today on RedState at 11:30 a.m. ET, we are going to do a live chat on RedState with Sean Duffy, who is the Republican candidate about to mop the floor with David Obey up in Wisconsin.

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