The Doldrums During Fighting

I’ve been in a funk these past couple of weeks. RedState is in my full time job and sometimes the behind the scenes goings on keep me from writing. Inevitably, as well, I also get something akin to writer’s block, though it is more like writer’s cramp — stretching out my fingers on the keyboard generally gets the cramp gone. But it also takes some time, made more crazy by a hectic travel schedule, a wife, kids, side obligations, etc.


There’s something more though.

I am a bit overwhelmed. I suspect many of you are too. The information is coming fast and furious, the GOP has yet to get back in the game with a full swing, socialism is creeping upon us, and many of my friends around me have decided the best course of action is to put their heads in the sand and hope for the best. The default is to shift into the doldrums in the middle of the fight.

We can’t. Freedom depends on our sweat equity.

Let’s be clear: we are being run into the ground by a group of leftists, half of whom are incompetent and the other half hate America. Between the incompetence and the hatred toward our way of life, it’s a lot to take in. Take it in we must. Digest it we will.

The fight goes on. The GOP seems to be getting its act together. I maintain that Obama is giving us a lot of material to work with. The idea that, as Abe Lincoln said, “every man can make himself” in this country resonates with people. It really does. It is why so many people seek out this country. Obama’s policies, unless we work like mad to make sure he fails, will destroy the ability of every man to make himself.


The GOP can and should be the part of choice and opportunity for every man to make himself. The message of limited government and liberty resonates with a people intent on making their own way in life. Any person who has ever tried to start up a small business knows the pain and frustration of dealing with the red taped hand of government. The GOP — and we — must stand with those people.

We need to get out of the doldrums, stay on task, and fight. And throughout it all, we must be happy warriors until the end. If you have not read Hogan’s post you need to.

Now,. who’s with me?


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