Video Surfaces of George Floyd Denouncing The Violence of the Younger Generation

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Demonstrators start a fire as they protest the death of George Floyd, Sunday, May 31, 2020, near the White House in Washington. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Last week, Terrence Floyd told a group gathered at a makeshift memorial near the site where his brother George had died, “I know he would not want y’all to be doing this.” Terrence has made similar remarks on various occasions over the last couple of weeks.

But it’s one thing to hear it from his brother, and another to hear the message from Floyd himself.

The Scoop has published a video of George Floyd condemning the very violence which has swept across the U.S. in the days since his murder in police custody. I’m not sure when this clip was recorded, but age appears to have given Floyd some perspective. He hoped to pass this on to the younger generation, which Floyd sees as completely lost.

Our young generation is clearly lost, man, clearly lost, man. Like, like, oh, I don’t even know what to say no more, man. Like you youngsters just going around, just busting guns in crowds. In crowds, kids are getting killed.

You know, and it’s clearly the generation after us, man. They’re so lost man. You know man, I came into Houston and a n**** told me, yeah Floyd [inaudible] n**** the truth man because he could bust a gun. I mean, I knew he was crazy and a n**** my age see this and [inaudible]. Know what I’m saying? They’re condoning this s*** bro, know what I’m saying? And like half the young n***** shooting them guns go home with their knees shaking at night. Hey man. Come on home, man. One day it’s gonna be you and God. You’re going up or you’re going down. Know what I’m saying.


Floyd speaks only for a minute at the beginning of the clip, followed by media coverage of the riots and the destruction which has occurred in the wake of his terrible death.

Brief as it is, it is powerful. Hopefully, at least a few young people will hear him.

Watch the video:


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