VIDEO: I Can't Print What Anderson Cooper Said on Live TV Last Night


CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who was co-hosting the network’s New Year’s Eve show for the third year in a row, drank a little too much Jägermeister last night. One would think CNN might have learned by now they shouldn’t let their anchors drink on live television after Don Lemon’s New Year’s Eve spectacle three years ago. But I suppose they think it’s just part of the fun.


I seriously can’t print what Cooper and his co-host Andy Cohen were discussing after several drinks too many. But you can hear it for yourself in the video below.

Many of us remember Don Lemon’s performance as he rang in 2017 with co-host Brooke Baldwin from New Orleans. After numerous shots of tequila, he decided it would be a great idea to have a body piercing done on live television. Although comedian Kathy Griffin suggested he go for the nipple, he settled for his ear.

According to Mashable, “he had the wherewithal to make sure no blood got onto his jacket…It was only a matter of time before Lemon turned into your drunk buddy and got real about life and 2016.”

Things continued to go downhill for Lemon and after saying “2016 was awful,” his mic was cut off.


I guess we can’t blame Lemon too much. He was still recovering from the blow he’d received less than two months earlier, the victory of Donald Trump.


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