Journalists are Amused by the Irony of Canadian PM 'Jussie Trudeau' Winning a Minority Government



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau managed to squeak out a narrow victory on Monday night, winning a minority government. Trudeau prevailed over his Conservative rival, Andrew Scheer, to win a second term. Late polls showed a very tight race.


Given the numerous photos and videos showing Trudeau in black and brown face that surfaced in the months leading up to the election, many journalists are having a little fun with the fact that he has won a minority government.

Conservative icon Michelle Malkin, who refers to the Prime Minister as “Jussie Trudeau,” tweeted that “Jussie Trudeau is now a real minority — and he doesn’t have to wear blackface!”

Twitchy points out that the New York Times‘ headline states that Trudeau’s party will lose its House of Commons majority, rather than saying Trudeau won a minority government.

Other media outlets, such as CP24 (above) and AFP News relished the irony of it all and couldn’t resist.


Here are some responses to the news by twitter users (via Twitchy):

Someone explain to Justin that minority here does not mean he has to go shoe polish shopping

Trudeau finally gets to be a real minority.

Congrats to Canada for re-electing its first black PM.

I see what you did there…

For those who may have missed the photos.

And finally, “That face when you’re ’bout to form a minority gov.”

Can you imagine if even a single photo emerged of President Trump wearing black face?


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