The Tolerant Left: Anti-Vaccine Protestor Throws Blood At Lawmakers From Balcony of CA State Capitol Senate Chamber

Screen Shot:

According to TMZ, an anti-vaccine protestor, in the balcony of the California State Capital Senate Chamber, interrupted the session by calling out, “That’s for all the dead babies. She then tossed what was described as a “feminine hygiene device containing what appeared to be blood” onto lawmakers below.


The woman, Rebecca Lee Dalelio, was protesting two new bills the Governor had recently signed into law that will tighten vaccine requirements for students.

TMZ reports:

She chucked the red, blood-like liquid down below from the upstairs balcony area … where she and other anti-vaxxers were watching in silent protest as state senators wrapped up the last day of the legislative year with a vote on some last-minute measures.

The liquid — which eyewitnesses say came from a menstrual cup — splashed a few state senators, including Sen. Melissa Hurtado, as well as some documents and desks.

Dalelio was arrested Friday afternoon inside the chambers of the California State Capitol building.

The Senate session went into recess and concluded in private chambers shortly afterward.

The video also shows a woman — who’s presumed to be Dalelio — being escorted out into the hall by officers, where she continues her rant on dead babies, saying … “Their blood is on your hands.”


At 43:13 in the video below, Dalelio can be heard calling out.

The bills signed by Governor Newsom last Monday state that, if a doctor issues more than five patient waivers (exempting children from vaccination requirements), they will be subject to a review by public health officials. If the vaccination rate at any individual school “falls below a certain level, that school will be subject to scrutiny.”

The left are a tolerant bunch, aren’t they?


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