Woman Heard Yelling 'F***ing Owned B*tch' on Andy Ngo Assault Video Is Pretty Impressed With Herself


I am triggered this morning.

Twitchy reported on an extremely disturbing tweet by a young woman who witnessed Antifa’s brutal assault of Portland journalist Andy Ngo last Saturday.


Rani Something Baker, a staff writer for @BunnyEarsWeb, is ecstatic that her voice can be heard yelling “F***ing Owned B*tch” in Jim Ryan’s viral video of the attack.

She took to Twitter to say, “Wish there was room on my Twitter bio to put “Yelled ‘F***ING OWNED BITCH’ at @MrAndyNgo on video” in there. Theres [sic] probably a couple million people that heard it by now, lol.”

“It’s probably a close second to my appearance on Portlandia in terms of sheer volumes of people that saw it with no idea who I am.”

In Jim Ryan’s video of the attack (the second video below), I can hear the remark clearly at 0:28. (It sounds more like a male voice to me.)

As you can imagine, not everyone was as excited about it as she was and she received some harsh feedback.

One man tweeted, “You participated in the brutal public beating of a gay, minority journalist and you are boasting about it?”


To which Baker responded, “OH NO NOT THE FBI”

Here are several other responses to her tweet.

“This is one of the people who participated in Andy Ngo’s assault, jeering from the sidelines.”

“And what did he do to deserve that?”

“Did you enjoy seeing him hurt?”

“Bad enough to be one of the people excusing a brutal assault by a violent mob, but imagine being so depraved as to brag about being caught on video cheering on such an assault.”

“…as he was being assaulted…You’d have fit right in during the Jim Crow era.”

“Brain injury Haha Haha! Owned!!!!…You all are sick human beings.”

“Is it a good idea to brag online about participating in a crime?”

“It’s called being an accessory to a crime.”

Baker goes on the defensive: “Got any proof I “participated”? My voice is on the video but I am ten+ feet away from Andy. Never touched him.”

And “Prove I “participated.” Mocking someone covered in silly string and coconut milk isn’t a crime, just hilarious.”


Imagine watching a young man being surrounded and violently attacked by a mob, kicked and punched, hit with “milkshakes” and spray, as Ngo was, and responding as Baker did. And then boasting that her tasteless taunt was heard by millions and saying it was hilarious to see Ngo covered in silly string.

Antifa and their supporters have become a modern day KKK.

The mainstream media should distance themselves from this group, but instead they provide cover for them. Yes, cable hosts denounce the violence, because they must, while at the same time criticizing the victims. In the case of Andy Ngo, many mainstream reporters prefaced their condemnation of the attack by saying, “well, some say Ngo deserved it. But…”

I posted about how CNN’s Brian Stelter edited out the most violent part of the attack here. That was an attempt to filter the truth from his audience. Stelter was trying to shape the news. And he was not the only liberal journalist to do so.


I wrote, “although members of the mainstream media are by no means as radical as Antifa members, they are on the same side of the political spectrum. They try to minimize and sometimes cover up their violence. Similar to the way one might cover up for a crazy relative.”

Local governments look the other way. As some states and municipalities try to pass laws banning public mask-wearing, courts are ruling these laws to be unconstitutional.

Hopefully, the enormous press coverage of the assault on Andy Ngo will lead to some action against Antifa and tolerance of their brand of behavior. Antifa and those who condone their conduct must be forced into the spotlight.


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