Chicago Bar Employee Spits on Eric Trump; Secret Service Takes Her Into Custody

Donald Trump Jr., left, and Eric Trump, son’s of President Donald Trump wait in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, for the announcement of the nominee for the Supreme Court. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


Shortly after Eric Trump had arrived at Aviary, an upscale bar in Chicago on Tuesday night, a young female employee walked up to him and spit in his face. According to Breitbart, an eyewitness said the woman “murmured inaudibly something that sounded like it was anti-Trump.”

ABC5 Chicago’s Mary Ann Ahern reported that the offender was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody by Trump’s Secret Service agents. She was later released after Trump declined to press charges.

Breitbart News’ spoke to Trump following the incident. He said, “It was purely a disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems. For a party that preaches tolerance, this once again demonstrates they have very little civility. When somebody is sick enough to resort to spitting on someone, it just emphasizes a sickness and desperation and the fact that we’re winning.”


Liberals have a history of abusing Trump associates in restaurants. Last June, the owner of a Lexington, VA restaurant, The Red Hen, asked then-White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to leave and told the Washington Post she “would have done the same thing again.”

Then-DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was dining at a Washington, D.C. restaurant last year with a companion when a group of activists arrived, and began chanting, “Shame, shame, shame.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), journalist Candace Owens and other Trump allies have been subjected to similar treatment.

I have to say it. Can you imagine the outrage if, instead of Eric Trump, this young woman had spit on Sasha or Malia Obama, or Chelsea Clinton?


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