RedState's Water Cooler - February 4, 2019 - Open Thread: Rush Limbaugh: 'What We’re Watching Is The Democrat Party Commit Suicide'


RedState’s Water Cooler – February 4, 2019 – Open Thread

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Rush Limbaugh: ‘What We’re Watching Is The Democrat Party Commit Suicide’


Limbaugh said it looks as if Democrats are dominating and winning because the media is not reporting the reality of the situation. But their positions and actions will catch up with them because “they are no longer masking and hiding who they are.” Due to their intense obsession to “unseat” President Trump, they have been driven way too far to the left. He said:

I don’t care how far to the left you might think our general population is, they are nowhere near where the mainstream of the Democrat Party is.

I think Donald Trump in the State of the Union next week ought to take advantage of the opportunity of this massive, large audience and give a speech that is basically comprised of a number of his tweets in the past couple of days. Just sit there — well, stand there in the House of Representatives at that podium and simply explain the Democrat Party agenda. Not widely shout it, not offer it in an attack type vein. Just mention it. Just, in the context of informing the American people the questions that face us as we determine the kind of future we want. And he presents the Democrat agenda, because the media isn’t.

Limbaugh believes “it’s pedal-to-the-metal time.” Here is the link.

RedState’s Smagar wrote an excellent post in which he calls Conservatives into action. He writes that Republicans must no longer take the high road. Instead, he explains that it’s time to attack Democrats by employing the military strategy of “exploitation” and “pursuit.” Essentially, we must take advantage of their disarray, exploit their far left positions and keep on pressing our thumb.


Now is the time to heed the words of General Grant and Abraham Lincoln, just days before Appomattox. Supposedly, Grant sent Lincoln a message, that said that, if pressed, Lee might surrender.  Lincoln’s reply is the stuff of legend: “General Grant says ‘If the thing is pressed, I think Lee will surrender.’ Let the thing be pressed.” Now is NOT the time to give the Democrats some breathing space, so they can get their feet back under them and get their story straight with the MSM.  (The Bulwark will certainly do that, BTW). Now is the time to press the Democrats.

Here is the link.



Locals Spooked By Recent Sightings Of Rare Japanese Fish Which, According To Legend, Is Harbinger of Earthquakes/Tsunamis

The South China Post has reported that several oarfish, which are normally bottom dwellers, have been sighted recently in the area of Toyama Prefecture of northern Japan. According to Japanese legend, when these fish rise to the surface, it is seen as a precursor of natural disaster. Although scientists report there has been no abnormal seismic activity in the region, locals are spooked because more than ten oarfish had washed up in the same area in 2010, the year prior to Japan’s disastrous earthquake and tsunami March 2011.

According to lore, the fish rise to the surface and beach themselves ahead of an impending earthquake. That ties in with scientific theories that bottom-dwelling fish may very well be susceptible to movements in seismic fault lines and act in uncharacteristic ways before an earthquake.


Although Japanese social media has been abuzz with talk of an impending natural disaster, Professor Shigeo Aramaki, a seismologist at the University of Tokyo, says there is no reason for concern. “I’m not a specialist in fish, but there is no academic literature that has proven a scientific link to the behaviour of animals and seismic activity. I see absolutely no reason for concern and I have seen no updated reports of increased seismic activity in this country in recent weeks.”

Let’s hope he’s right.



James Woods Points Out The Irony in Kamala Harris’ Tweet Congratulating Stacey Abrams For Being Chosen to Deliver SOTU Rebuttal



Quote of the Day:

“What fresh hell can this be?” or best remembered as “What fresh hell is this?”

Writer Dorothy Parker (upon hearing her doorbell ring)



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