RedState's Water Cooler - September 3, 2018 - Open Thread: 'Biggest Resistance Meeting Yet,' A 'Teeth-Chattering' Winter Ahead And A Sadiq Khan Balloon Flies Over London

Happy Labor Day Everyone!


When Did John McCain Become So Beloved By The Left Anyway?

The New Yorker’s Susan B. Glasser breathlessly calls McCain’s funeral the “Biggest Resistance Meeting Yet!”


Donald Trump’s name was never mentioned. It didn’t have to be. The funeral service for John Sidney McCain III, at the Washington National Cathedral, on this swampy Saturday morning, was all about a rebuke to the pointedly uninvited current President of the United States, which was exactly how McCain had planned it.

Then, ABC’s Martha Radiate chimed in, you know the one who always moderates presidential debates because of her sense of fairness. She said the memorial “felt like a censure of Donald Trump.”

Meghan McCain and former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama all threw punches at the disinvited President, Donald Trump.

After Meghan delivered her most memorable line, “the America of John McCain does not need to be made great again, because it is already great,” mourners filled the National Cathedral with applause, the kind of applause that one might expect at a political rally. Except this wasn’t a political rally. Or was it?

On Saturday night, Trump responded with his familiar slogan, “Make America Great Again!”

Anti-Trump Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake sent out a tweet showing a photo of former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton at McCain’s funeral with the caption “Decency Wins.”


James Woods quickly spotted the irony in Flake’s message and responded with one of his own.

And, with that, McCain Week is over.

And Kavanaugh Week begins!


The Farmer’s Almanac Predicts A “Teeth-Chattering” Winter!

Baby, it’s gonna be cold outside! Predictions call for a colder than usual winter with below average temperatures for Canada and  New England and “a lot of cold, a lot of snow for the Prairies.”


Will There Come A Day When American Citizens Will Be Microchipped?

A scary thought at first glance, but corporations and nations around the world are slowly embracing the benefits of RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips. The applications of this technology in the world of healthcare alone are countless. Proponents say they would also eliminate the need for credit cards and identification cards, reduce identity theft and whisk us through airport security in a fraction of the time.

Although the benefits are myriad, the resistance to this technology may be difficult to overcome. Embedded microchips would certainly curtail our freedom, and they are dehumanizing, to say the least. It’s also possible that it could take identity theft to a whole new level. People might even kill to obtain an individual’s microchip. A USA Today article and a recent post from Freedom Outpost may start you thinking…



Memo to Sadiq Khan: What Goes Around…


Polish Lawmaker: Muslims Can Build A Mosque In Poland After They Allow Us To Build A Cathedral In Saudi Arabia

Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczyński, a member of the ruling Law and Justice Party, sparred with liberal British journalist Cathy Newman recently, telling her that Muslims can build a mosque in Poland after Muslims allow Poland to build a cathedral in Saudi Arabia.

Tarczynski also weighed in on the burka debate saying that “should be banned partly for security reasons, and partly to make it clear to Islamic radicals that they cannot demand more rights in Europe than Europeans have in Saudi Arabia.”


California School District Has New Dress Code: Must Cover Genitals, Buttocks, and Nipples 

The Alameda Unified School District has adopted a new dress code. Anything goes “as long as it covers genitals, buttocks, and areolae/nipples with opaque material” and doesn’t feature “images or language depicting violence, drugs, alcohol, hate speech, profanity and pornography.” The change is being “hailed as feminist for seeking to diminish “body shaming” and discrimination against girls.”



A UPS Failed Delivery Notice Goes Viral

Unable to deliver a package recently to a North Carolina customer, a UPS driver left a failed delivery notice, which said “Bear in Driveway.” His note has gone viral!


Unbelievably Stupid Quote of the Week

“When election results should be nullified, then it is right to nullify the results. And that’s what should happen with Trump’s election.”

By Robert Reich, Former Clinton Administration Cabinet Secretary


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