RedState's WaterCooler! Friday, 1/6/2017 - Open Thread - Feast of Epiphany; When is .3% greater than 100%?

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Texas’ Privacy Bill Continues Transgender Demands

According to Gallup’s 2012 tally, .3% of the US population self-identify as a member of the Transgender community. I translate this to mean Transgender folks consume .3% of America’s food, water, and oxygen and occupy .3% of our offices, subway stations, restaurants, and gyms.  Yet, in Texas where the next big “bathroom bill” was introduced Thursday, this micro-minority is demanding 100% jurisdiction over the issue of privacy.

“It’s unnecessary, discriminatory and inconsistent with the constitutional value of equal protection for all,” the ACLU’s legal and policy director, Rebecca L. Robertson, said in a statement. “Make no mistake — the invidious intent of SB6 is to deny transgender Texans the ability to participate in public life.”

I figure it differently.

A self-segregating three-tenths percent can be reasonably permitted three-tenths percent indignance as long as it stays removed from the other 99.7% of the population. Although, if Transgenders want civil rights as transgender, they should first understand their fundamental role in civil community.

It seems right that if they are a fully participating member of society, they will sympathize with why a man dressed as a man in the lady’s room could revoke the civil rights of the majority for the civil rights of a few. But, when Transgenders choose to be special, set themselves removed from the whole by their special-ness, none of this will make sense to them.

” … the greatest tragedy of segregation, [is] not merely what it does to the individual physically, but what it does to one psychologically. It scars the soul of the segregated as well as the segregator. It gives the segregator a false sense of superiority, while leaving the segregated with a false sense of inferiority.” – Martin Luther King, Jr., London, 7 December 1964

It’s no small wonder why trans are confused. They are the segregator and the segregated. First, they’re arrogant in their unlikeness, then defeated by their solitude.

The accepted form of government of the United States is a Republic. The Supreme Court in 1875 defined the basis of a Republic as the “equal rights of its citizens.”

Before slaves would have equal rights, the segregator had to accept the enslaved as a citizen of the same club they belonged, aka the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Before Trans can have equal rights they must accept that they are part of something bigger than themselves. They aren’t accepting and the ACLU and others aren’t helping them any by pointing out their special-ness.

Conclusion? One must be willing to melt in the pot before one can benefit from it.

Today in History. 6 January 361. The first Epiphany as an ecclesiastical feast was celebrated the 6th of January in 361 A.D. It is believed to have been a symbolic day reserved by ancient Greeks to honor Christ’s birth and His baptism. This holy day is alternatively referred to by Christians in South America and Spain as Three Kings Day, Theophany by Eastern Christians and, the French bake galette des rois (cakes of kings) on the Day of Kings. No matter where in the world, though, The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated as a revelation of divinity in human form. God as human as God.

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