RedState's Tuesday WaterCooler! 11/29/2016 - Open Thread - King Trump; A Christmas-short; USPS Sunday Delivery

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King Trump: Do as I say, Not as I do!

RedState’s Susan Wright moments ago deftly wrote about Trump’s need to figuratively burn our Constitution whilst chastising those who burn our flag.

This subject is a big deal to me, so I’d like to expound a little as well.

Trump’s Tweet at 0700 this AM:

For a moment, let’s fall back to Veteran’s Day 2015 when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke on the very subject of flag burning:

“If it were up to me, I would put in jail every sandal-wearing, scruffy-bearded weirdo who burns the American flag,” Scalia said. “But I am not king.”

Scalia’s last sentence is super duper important, “But I am not king.”

Note that man with Tweeting rights – one might call that right freedom of speech – has been voted as President by an electoral majority to replace Justice Scalia with a Scalia doppelganger.

It bears questioning our President-elect’s suitability to choose a country-altering conservative nominee given his penchant to outlaw the right of an idiot to express his hypocrisy by burning the physical representation of the freedom that gives him the inalienable right to act like a fool. Trump is, in essence outlawing his own right to be an idiot, is he not?

By Trump tweeting from his newly-awarded throne to the “sandal-wearing” weirdos, he’s rewarding them for their attention-getting behavior and therefore, like children sometimes do when they feel neglected, they will continue to burn things. They only care that the king is granting them an audience, they don’t care why.

My message to King Trump: You are NOT king. Stop acting like our present President and act like the adult some who voted for you believe you are.

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The US Postal Service is adding Sunday to its delivery schedule repeating the trend from last year. It has hired 35,000 more carriers to help with the 30% rise in snail mail Christmas gift and card giving. Hurry up and buy your bobbles before it’s too late to ship!

  • Dec. 15    – USPS Retail Ground
  • Dec. 20    – First Class Mail
  • Dec. 21    – Priority Mail
  • Dec. 23    – Priority Mail Express

As if to emphasize USPS’s 30% rise in mail, just out are the results from Adobe Digital Insights’ analysis of yesterday’s online shop-till-you-drop. This year’s Cyber Monday outpaced buying in 2015 by 12.1%! It translates to $3.45 billion in sales.

“Cyber Monday was one for the history books this year,” Tamara Gaffney, Adobe’s principal analyst said in a statement.

A Christmas short film brought to us by Hollywood, and H&M. Mostly it’s a charming come-together, feel-good story about train travelers delayed by snow and mechanical problems from reaching their families in time for Christmas.

Today in History. 29 November 1972. One of the first commercially recognized computer arcade games was introduced by new upstart company Atari on this day in 1972. Pong was loosely based on a game included with Magnovox Odyssey, Magnovox’s home console. Nolan Bushnell, Co-founder of Atari, enlisted Allan Alcorn to create a coin-operated two-dimensional sport-version.

“It consisted of a black and white television from Walgreens, the special game hardware, and a coin mechanism from a laundromat on the side which featured a milk carton inside to catch coins. It was placed in a Sunnyvale tavern by the name of Andy Capp’s to test its viability.”

As Pong gained popularity, Atari created a home console they sold exclusively through Sears retail stores for the 1975 Christmas season.

Trivia: Apple’s Steve Jobs was working for Atari at the time.

Hello, RedStaters! You’ve found the WaterCooler. It’s RedState’s only Daily open thread. Enjoy!

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