WaterCooler, Saturday! 8/13/2016 - Open Thread - Fiorina, Flossing, Fracking Heat

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If Trump Loses, Will Fiorina Win?

This fall could be a boon for Carly Fiorina. If the left leaning polls are right and Donald Trump loses, Carly could be well situated to clear the deck of the rocked Republican ship and muster in conservative leadership at the RNC, thereby reasserting the forward momentum we had after the 2014 Republican Congressional sweep.

Current RNC Chairman Reince Priebus hasn’t indicated he may remove “chairman’s duties” from his list of To-Dos, but he is “expected to step down in January 2017.”

Regardless of Priebus’ intentions, if Trump wins Priebus is out. Remember this article in the Washington Post from April?

Asked in the interview whether he would retain RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in that scenario, Trump replied: “I don’t know. I haven’t made the determination.”

If Trump loses, Priebus is out. The loss of the Republican party, whether to Trump or a win by the Democrats will stamp his envelope back to Wisconsin. It’s a lose-lose for the chairman.

Carly is considered one of the strongest contenders for Priebus’ seat, however her decision to forego endorsement of her party’s nominee and a clear bias for Ted Cruz (Carly picked as Cruz VP) going into the 2020 election, doesn’t say “shoe-in.” She’s got some wooing to do.

Flossing is Overrated.

When the US Dept of Health released it’s 2015-2020 new dietary guidelines flossing was omitted and with nary a footnote across mainstream or social media.

But first the AP was nosing around asking questions.

Last year, the Associated Press asked the departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture for their evidence, and followed up with written requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

The AP looked at the most rigorous research conducted over the past decade, focusing on 25 studies that generally compared the use of a toothbrush with the combination of toothbrushes and floss. The findings? The evidence for flossing is “weak, very unreliable,” of “very low” quality, and carries “a moderate to large potential for bias.”

Whether in response to the AP’s research or by their own determination, HHS, unable to find verifiable proof, meaning even one lengthy, costly study, concluded flossing should not be included in our daily routine.

Smoking is bad. Water is good. Political junkies are prone to anxiety and depression every 4 years. Flossing can help prevent gum disease. All very common sense conclusions. No study required.

Heat Wave.

The next 5 days are forecast to be Hazy, Hot and Humid especially in the Northeast, but across the country, as well.

In aviation, it’s called “The Three Hs.” An aircraft’s performance is significantly reduced in these conditions in part due to less dense air, which means less available oxygen for its engine to operate at peak performance. If there is less available oxygen for an aircraft’s engine, there’s less available oxygen for you to breathe.

Turn the big screen 4K on, sit in your comfy chair and enjoy the Olympics.

Go Team USA!


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