Water Cooler 4/30/2016 OPEN THREAD - Trump, Anti-Trump and #NeverTrump


 SiriusXM and the Republican Convention

SiriusXM, in expectation of Donald Trump Reality Radio (SiriusXM is calling it “Convention Radio,” but none are fooled), will provide “gavel to gavel” coverage of Cleveland live from the convention floor. Although the Republican Convention isn’t officially called to order until Monday, July 18th, the plan is to promote the weekend prior as “Prelude to The Convention” programming. “Our listeners won’t miss a moment of the action,” said Vice President and General Manager of SiriusXM, David Gorab, as if promoting the Indy 500.

Every media outlet wants a cut of history-(money)making, gonzo journalism. POTUS channel 124 has hosted many of the Republican presidential candidates over the past year, benefitting from the countries odd immersion into an ordinarily coma-inducing political process. In this year’s Presidential Race to who-knows-where, there can be no more sure scheme to profitability than the spectacle of Mr. Trump


Glaring Absence of Accountability

Click links below for Donald Trump’s Ranking:

Donald Trump has no voting record, no committee assignments, no prior election results, and no discernible way to legitimize his comments on issues, because he has no issue loyalty, and scorns (although not completely) campaign donors which would, on a circumstantial level, indicate agreement with Trump.

On the other hand, search Ted Cruz or any other candidate using the same links, including Carly Fiorina who ran a 2010 full-throated campaign for Senate against incumbent Barbara Boxer, and it’s obvious Cruz has been not only accountable to his values, but also to the people who voted for him. Trump’s insignificant attempt to win the Reform Party’s nomination gleans nothing about his current strengths as a viable Presidential nominee.


MapQuest Wins Award for #AvoidTrump

Trump Mapquest

Hilarious! The Webby Awards are sponsored by The New York Times, to honor the best of the best across the world wide web. This year MapQuest won in the Best Social Humor category with a location service specifically designed to help travelers #AvoidTrump throughout the US. You’re on your own outside CONUS.  As you might expect, #AvoidTrump is also a twitter feed. Remarkably it’s mostly chatty mapquesters asking users to vote for them for a Webby Award and then congratulating themselves on winning a Webby Award.

In a poor attempt at nonpartisanship, MapQuest provides two options, Flee Him or Be Him. Clicking either, navigates the user to Parachute, MapQuest’s sister site where normal, everyday chaps and lassies called “Contributors” rummage about their home turf and write about their experiences. The reviews are snarky, but lighthearted.

In honor of the upcoming primary in Indiana, an excerpt from Indianapolis.

“If you are trying to avoid Donald Trump in Indianapolis, you may want to visit the following spots. Trump is not likely to make an appearance at these locations during his campaign run. You will be safe from his rhetoric and fans.

Indianapolis Public Library
You can escape Trump by hiding behind a book at the Indianapolis Public Library. The GOP wants to cut funding to public libraries, so Trump is not likely to seek supporters in this location. In addition, you can read books about politics and search for campaign ideas to help his opponents.”


Desmond Tutu quote


The Difference Between Anti-Trump and #NeverTrump

Clarification for those who lump #NeverTrump into the vat of liberal goo with the Anti-Trump protesters who wreaked havoc this week in California. Anti-Trump are “Occupy Wall Street,” directionless goofs whose mindless behavior only furthers Trump’s narrative as the victim, the outsider, and aggrandiziing an already inflated ego.

#NeverTrump are individuals unwilling to break with conscience to further a political party that has lost its principles. #NeverTrump is organized, thoughtful, respectful of the other side of the argument (participate in any web thread), and mostly, patient. #NeverTrump understands that immediate reaction starves the ability to debate and negates the cause.

Welcome back, RedStaters! Your thoughts? It’s an Open Thread.