Watercooler 4/5 Open Thread: The Contract Reassessed, April '17 Edition

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The Contract Assessed, April 2017 Edition

Another month passed, another evaluation of the Contract With The American Voter. Thanks to fellow WC’er Joliphant for the table coding and list. (Yes, I’ve been playing with the crayons this month. 🙂 )

Item: Accomplished/Fail
Six measures to clean up the corruption and special interest collusion in Washington  4/6, 1 started
Constitutional Amendment: Term Limits (requires Congress and State action or States-called Article V Convention) Undetermined
Hiring Freeze On Federal Employees DONE – Pres. Memo 82 FR 8493
Eliminate 2 Regulations For Every New 1 DONE – Exec. Order 13771
5 Year ban on revolving door DONE – EO 13770
Lifetime Ban On Foreign Lobbying DONE – EO 13770
Remove Foreign Money From Elections STARTED – Foreign Lobbying Restrictions of EO 13770
Seven actions to protect American workers
 1/7, 4 started
Announce intention to renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205 Undetermined
Announce withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership DONE – PM 82 FR 8497.
Label China A Currency Manipulator Undetermined
Trade Rep To Prosecute All Foreign Trade Abuses STARTED – Unnumbered 3/31 EO
Lift Restrictions On American Energy Reserves STARTED – EO 13766 and PM’s 82 FR 8659, 8661 and 8663
Remove Regulations On Energy Infrastructure STARTED – PM’s 82 FR 8659, 8661 and 8663; EO 13783
Cancel Payments To U.N. For Climate Change STARTED?
Five actions to restore security and the constitutional rule of law
 3/5, 2 started
Cancel Obama’s Unconstitutional Exec Orders STARTED – PM’s 82 FR 8346 and 8667
Select Constitutionalist To Replace Scalia DONE – Gorsuch
Cancel All Federal Funding For Sanctuary Cities DONE – EO 13768
Begin Deporting Two Million + Illegal Immigrants DONE – EO 13768
Suspend Immigration From Terror Regions STARTEDEO 13769 and replacements
Legislative Agenda 0/10 – 1 started, 1 FAIL
Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Undetermined
End Offshoring By Tariffs Undetermined
Infrastructure: Trillion$ In Spending Over 10 years Undetermined
School Choice And Education Act Undetermined
Repeal Obamacare CONTRACT BREACHED – “Swampcare”
Affordable Child And Elder Care Undetermined
Build The Wall Undetermined
(Fed dollars for local law enforcement) Undetermined
Rebuild The Military STARTED – Budget Request
Clean Up Corruption In Washington DC Undetermined
Other Campaign Promises/Planks  1/2
From Debate: Prosecute Hillary UNLIKELY
Outside Statement: Select SCOTUS Nominee From This List DONE – Gorsuch

This month’s big news is the Breach of Contract with Lyin’ Ryan and Swampcare. Trump has this month before his key Hundred Days are up, and he needs to clean his act up, get his White House in order and get some more points on the board SOON. Combine that with Swamp Turtle McConnell, Lyin’ Ryan and the Tuesdaytard Turdsuckers, and…

This Month’s Score: Counting each Start as +1/2 and each Unlikely as -1/2…

DONE Started Undetermined Unlikely FAIL/


 9  8  10  1  1

9 + 8*1/2 + 0 – 1*1/2 – 1 = 11-1/2 out of 30 points possible. You were doing SO WELL, Mr. President, and then you had to listen to Rancid Penis (seriously, that guy really is a little dick) and Lyin’ Ryan pushing their Swampcare…

Special thanks to Watercooler teammate Joliphant for coding the table.

Last Week In History

  • Sunday, 3/26: Fitzgerald’s first novel published, 1920; Salk announces polio vaccine, 1953; Camp David Accords signed, 1979
  • Monday, 3/27: Congress establishes permanent Navy and authorizes first six frigates, 1794; Anchorage earthquake, 1964; FDA approves Viagra, 1998
  • Tuesday, 3/28: Battle of Valparaiso, 1814; Confederate westward push defeated at Glorieta Pass, 1862; Three Mile Island accident, 1979
  • Wednesday, 3/29: Veracruz falls, 1847; Army adopts Colt “Government Model” .45 as M1911 issue sidearm, 1911; New York, Ontario & Western first major RR abandoned in-toto, 1957
  • Thursday, 3/30: Ether first used as anesthetic, 1842; Alaska bought from Russia, 1867; Reagan shot, 1981
  • Friday, 3/31: Japan opened to American trade, 1854; Hays Code established to govern filmmaking, 1930; first WrestleMania, 1985
  • Saturday, 4/1: Muhlenberg elected first Speaker of the House, 1789; Sheridan cuts Lee’s last supply line,  1865; Ike authorizes Air Force Academy, 1954

This Week In History

  • Sunday, 4/2: Coinage Act establishes US Mint, 1792; Wilson asks Congress to join WWI, 1917; “Teflon Don” convicted, 1992
  • Monday, 4/3: Congress authorizes privateers to raid British shipping, 1776; Pony Express debuts, 1860; Marshall Plan enacted, 1948
  • Tuesday, 4/4: Lincoln tours Richmond, 1865; NATO charter signed, 1949; MLK assassinated, 1968
  • Wednesday, 4/5: Washington uses veto power for first time, 1794; FDR seizes gold, 1933; Rosenbergs sentenced to the chair, 1951
  • Thursday, 4/6: Lee’s last battle, 1865; UAL predecessor Varney Airlines’s first commercial flight, 1926; American League adopts “designated hitter” rule, 1973
  • Friday, 4/7: Marietta, OH first settlement of Northwest Territory, 1788; Teapot Dome petroleum reserves leased, 1922; massive USN airstrike sinks IJN Yamato in last major naval action of WWII, 1945
  • Saturday, 4/8: 6th Infantry sets off for Black Hawk War, 1832; 17th Amendment establishes direct election of Senate, 1913; Grace Hopper spearheads creation of COBOL computer language, 1959

Today’s Birthdays: Educator Booker T. Washington, 1856; 007 film honcho Albert R. Broccoli, 1909; actor Gregory Peck, 1916; journalist Mary Katherine Ham, 1980

This Week In History is compiled with assistance from History.com and Wikipedia. Something interesting not listed here? Please share in the Comments section–this is an Audience Participation Encouraged featurette.

Gratuitous Gun Giveaways

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Quote of the Day

I’m a jerk to everyone. Best way to protect yourself from lawsuits.–Dr. Gregory House

As always, the Watercooler is an Open Thread. Something on your mind? Sound Off here! I regret not being able to engage in the Comments Thread as much as usual; this is a scheduled auto-post, as I’m offline today dealing with family matters.

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