I Will Not Talk About Rape

Joe Biden Rape Talk

Uncle Joe is at it again.  He is, once again, using the tried and true Democrat tactic of trying to scare people into letting the government spend more money.  It is time to pass yet another failed stimulus bill, and if you don’t pass it, oh, you don’t even want to know the horrors the country will face.


The argument, this time, is: “If you don’t let the Federal government tax and spend even MORE of your hard earned money, local police forces won’t have enough cops to be able to stop the skyrocketing number rapes that will occur.  Only the Federal government can solve problems, you see.”

Mr. Biden, the Federal government doesn’t need to spend more of our money to stop rapes, the second amendment already allows the citizens of this country to stop rapes from happening to them.

If Federal spending can stop rapes, then I wonder how many rapes would’ve been stopped with the wasted Solyndra money.

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