Snakes and Warriors

One of the more recent bromides emanating from the establishment is that the old bull politicians are just as conservative as the grassroots, but unlike our guys they actually“want to win elections.”  Never mind that they are putting all their resources into Mitch McConnell, the only man who is losing a 23-point Romney state.  They say that our candidates are unelectable.  But if we’d only join them is supporting the same used up Republicans of yesteryear, we will enjoy endless conservative victories in 2015.


As we all know, this intra-party schism encompasses a lot more than a debate over strategy.  Despite their rhetoric, establishment Republicans are still committed to corporate welfare and anything that enriches their K Street/Wall Street buddies, irrespective of whether it reduces the size of harmful government and helps the broader share of the country.  And they sure as hell are not interested in standing up against the anti-family social liberal agenda, even if they attend the Right to Life Chicken dinners.

How do we know this?

Well, even in solid red states, they have no interest in helping us recruit conservative fighters.  In Mississippi, it’s become common knowledge that Senator Thad Cochran is finally planning to retire. This creates a perfect opportunity to rally behind a more effective and persistent voice against the Democrats.  Mr. Cochran was not exactly someone you would take to a Chuck Schumer fight.

To that end, conservatives have united behind state Senator Chris McDaniel, a smart and articulate constitutionalist, and the leader of the conservative faction in the state senate.  He was endorsed by the Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Freedom Works, Tea Party Express, and the Madison Project (the PAC I work for).  Once Cochran retires, all Republicans could unite behind McDaniel, knowing that they will nominate someone who will win and fight for us in Washington.


But the NRSC and the local Haley Barbour machine is not happy.  You see, Chris McDaniel didn’t seek the permission of the country club.  In fact, he seeks to overturn the K Street country club.  As such, he is a bigger threat than even the Democrats.  The establishment is grooming other candidates and already doing oppo hits on McDaniel even before these challengers come out of the shadows.

The old guard has no intention of seeking reconciliation and common cause with us.  It’s time we face that reality.  Out with the old; in with the new.


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